What Happened to Paul Marik

Dr Paul Marik is the second-most published critical care specialist in the world. A pulmonary specialist taking care of Covid patients, he lost his job during the pandemic after being forced to follow hospital protocols making profits for his hospital but costing the lives of patients.

This is a snippet of his recent interview with Jan Jekielek of Epoch TV, talking about why you don’t want to put SARS-CoV-II spike protein into your body. The protein packs the lining of blood vessels where it causes inflammation, clotting dysfunctions, prion disease, amyloid plaques as reported by many pathologists and embalmers, auto-immune conditions, and more.

Dr Marik is now the Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, a group of highly qualified critical care doctors who today are labelled by corporate media as “misinformers” because they promote cheap and effective early treatments for both Covid and also Covid injection injury. Their evolving protocols are used by “non-regime” medical services across the globe with far higher success than anything recommended by “regime medicine”, which Dr Marik describes as having “decapitated science”.

It’s a terrible thing for me, having practiced medicine for over 35 years, to utter the statement that hospitals in this country have become dangerous places for sick people“.

Interestingly, Dr Marik has faced the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry before. He developed a lifesaving protocol for sepsis (blood poisoning) using intravenous Vitamin C, an extremely cheap and easy treatment with astonishing results when given to high risk sepsis patients at the right dose, and at the right time. The pharmaceutical industry targeted him because his protocol threatened profits.

Dr Marik’s personal story, including what he went through during Covid as well as the Vitamin C scandal, features in Episode 286 of The Highwire. It all ties in well with the scandal of the highly corrupted Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) and their International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA), described here by NZDSOS.

They don’t like doctors who speak out. They don’t like doctors who look for the truth. They don’t like doctors who find fault with the system. And they have a system to get rid of those doctors. And they have a system to destroy those doctors. And they have a system to prevent them practicing medicine ever again …

Patients pay the ultimate price, as the family of Grace Schara learned. She died at the hands of medical malpractice which appears to have been related purely to protocols steeped in profit-making over valuing human life. From Episode 262 of The Highwire.

Dr Marik doesn’t mince his words.

The historic origins of pharmaceutical regime medicine began about 110 years ago with The Flexner Report.

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