The Battle of Perronne

A short resume of Christian Perronne includes: Professor of Infectious Diseases since 1994; Head of Medicine at Garches Hospital; Vice-Director at the National Tuberculosis Reference Center, Pasteur Institut in Paris; Chairman of the French College of Infectious and Tropical Diseases; Chairman of the French National Technical Advisory Group of Experts on Immunisation; Chairman of several advisory groups at the French Drug Agency; Chairman of the Communicable Diseases Commission at the French High Council for Public Health; positions with the World Health Organisation and Principle Investigator on several major clinical trials. He has authored more than 300 scientific peer-reviewed journal publications.

Today he is named as France’s Number One Conspiracy Theorist and he was dismissed from his job as Department Head at Garches Hospital in December 2020. On 25 October, days after he gave the below presentation, he won his disciplinary hearing as reported here by Childrens’ Health Defense Europe.

After a brief introduction from Virginie Joron, French Member of the European Parliament, Professor Perronne presented as the lead speaker at a European Union press conference in Strasbourg on 20 October 2022. He is flanked by MEPs Robert Roos (Holland), Stasys Jakeliūnas (Lithuania), Christine Anderson (Germany), Virginie Joron (France) and Ivan Sinčić (Croatia), and Orsolya Györffy of Childrens Health Defense in Europe. The room is full.

The hour-long presentation by Professor Perronne with English translation is here:

My notes on Professor Perronne’s presentation (typed in haste):

In January he stated that medicine is subject to authoritarian diktats that are outrageous; medicine has to be free; we are no longer allowed to treat people with medicine that works; it’s all about big pharma.

Professor Perronne starts by mentioning the fact that Professor Jean-Francois Delfraissy, Chair of the Covid-19 Scientific Committee appointed by President Macron, left his position last year. His parting words were that looking back, everything they decided had no effect, including the vaccine they chose which offered no protection against either transmission or illness, and that they should never have discarded people’s freedoms and should have listened to experts as well as ordinary people. He goes on to say that legal action is underway in Paris against Bill Gates.

His presentation starts with an explanation of the difference between case fatality rates and infection fatality rates, stating that the case fatality rate was very low. The mortality of a disease can be overestimated by conflating the CFR and IFR, which we witnessed from people who surely knew better (Tedros Ghebreyesus and Tony Fauci), driving up fear in the public. This confusion is well described in Public Health Lessons Learned from Biases in Coronavirus Mortality Overestimation. Professor Perronne goes on to describe the way in which PCR tests were misused on healthy people and those unwell with all manner of other conditions, which overnight resulted in a massive inflation of “cases”, hospitalisations and deaths.

Professor Perronne describes Covid-19 as a media, financial, fear and corruption pandemic. From the outset, most deaths were preventable via early treatments. The “vaccine” is clearly useless and should never have been authorised for marketing as a vaccine given that effective treatments were available. Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were demonised in order to ensure the marketing of these pharmaceutical products would be authorised. Claims that the vaccines have been properly tested are untrue. Vaccine mandates are completely illegal, against multiple international human rights legislation and in fact are a crime against humanity.

President Macron paid over €1 billion to a private advisory group for a report which could have been provided by anyone, and the same actions have been seen in Australia, Canada, Belgium, Poland, Argentina and elsewhere, suggesting a global collaboration. Poor nations using traditional therapies have had better outcomes than wealthy nations.

Professor Perronne has been accused as a charlatan, and he reminds the audience of his resumé which suggests he is well qualified to have an opinion. He states that in “Epidemiology 101”, the sick are recommended to stay at home, but keeping everyone at home is pointless. He has worked with face masks in appropriate situations such as caring for contagious patients, so he is not “anti-mask”, but making everyone wear masks is stupid and pointless.

During pandemics, it is well known that long term clinical trials for therapeutics are not required; if something appears to work, then use it and evaluate it along the way. Nevertheless, politicians and “experts” demanded long term studies for Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin before they could be recommended. [Corrupted studies were also undertaken to discredit these treatments, as described here].

By contrast, vaccines require long term safety studies. Professor Perronne notes that vaccine manufacturers were ordering resources suggesting an upscale in volume, prior to the pandemic, and patents were already approved even prior to the pandemic. [This seems consistent with the October 2019 Event 201 simulation of a coronavirus pandemic].

Countries with low vaccination rates had almost no Covid-19 deaths, whereas those with high vaccination rates have had high death rates. In India, three states replaced use of Ivermectin with demands for vaccination, and this coincided with Covid cases increasing exponentially. Similar occurred in Vietnam, with no cases until vaccinations were forced upon the population including a military operation. In France, new and unevaluated treatments have been pushed onto the population whilst existing treatments were discredited. The same happened in the USA under leadership of Anthony Fauci.

In terms of how to deal with this:

  1. Independent expertise which removes potential conflicts of interest is required. Professor Perronne has experience in how to successfully implement such activities.
  2. During the crisis President Macron “was setting up a new body every five minutes”, much of it done in secret. The official institutions have existing expertise so there was no need to introduce new people and committees. Many of these people had no experience, and decisions were made without accountability.

In 2001 France had a reputation as the best medical care in the world, but this has been destroyed, and Professor Perronne describes the ways in which this has happened, with medical specialists being reduced in number, resulting in long waiting lists and overwhelmed staff. Public hospitals have slowly demised. The power of doctors has reduced, with many more administrators to doctors. Hospital directors now get bonuses if they make savings including reducing the number of staff. The buildings and medical materials are all deteriorating, and staff numbers have been significantly reduced. At Le Garches, where Professor Perronne worked, there were 10 physiotherapists per 50 hospital beds, and when he left in 2020 there were zero. However there is a lot of money for other expenditure, such as fortnightly visits from management.

Private hospitals are benefiting from the demise of public hospitals. This began with Nikolas Sarkozy, but during the pandemic Macron did nothing to improve matters and in fact bed numbers were reduced. In Eastern France many Covid patients were sent to Germany for treatment, whilst private French hospitals were not allowed to accept patients. There was a lack of GPs and nurses, but those who declined “vaccination” were not allowed to work.

Meanwhile Macron gave €1 billion to the media to fight “fake news”. Money was also available for PCR testing and Remdesivir. The false positive rate of PCR meant an epidemic of positive tests, rather than an epidemic of illness. These results led to entire schools closing with politicians claiming an epidemic in schools when in fact there was not.

Macron also gave €1.6 billion to Bill Gates.

There were fraudulent studies published in The Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine [described here]. Many fraudulent scientific papers are paid for by big pharma. Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet, wrote a statement against his journal, outlining corruption [Offline: What is Medicine’s 5-Sigma?]. Professor Perronne thought Horton had resigned, and was confused to learn during Covid-19 that he remained in place at The Lancet. During Covid the voices of professors in universities were suppressed; they are required to act like sheep and follow the political line, with a witch hunt against those who do not, including those declining “vaccination”. A number of silenced academics and clinicians are identified as being in the room. Professor Perronne notes that this is a tiny sample of the hundreds who have been targeted.

Professor Perronne himself is under investigation and faces discipline by the French Board of Medicine. He no longer cares, recognising that “now it is all about big pharma and we teach students of medicine that when it comes to the critical reading of articles they should only take account of what is in major journals … all of which is funded by big pharma … this began with JD Rockefeller in 1920, he funded half of the medical universities and it was great for the chemicals industry, to have all these patented medicines. Now what we are seeing is natural medicines, vitamin D, certain plants … banned in France and Belgium … when someone promotes alternative medicines they’re labelled charlatans …“.

He describes the limited time doctors now have with patients. There are now three day waits in Emergency Departments in France, and the Minister of Health has recommended closing the departments overnight to address the overload. [As with New Zealand], pharmacists in France are now entitled to prescribe medications.

An expert in Lyme Disease, Professor Perronne compares Covid with Lyme, as a possible gain of function pathogen. He recommends a book “Bitten” by Willy Burgdorfa, revealing military archives. Positive serology for both diseases is a disaster for big pharma, as it suggests immunity, so bad serological testing has been used. With Lyme disease, the epidemic is underestimated whereas with Covid the epidemic is overestimated using PCR on healthy people, often detecting non-infectious particles.

Professor Perronne shows two books he authored, both bestsellers. High ranking politicians have employed lawyers to scour these books in view of a possible legal case against him, with no success. “I’m still alive and kicking and I am not one given to depression. I say that because there are two well known people who fell from the eighth floor and another one who was found drowned“. He presents his third book to Virginie Joron, exploring how medicine can be returned to the high quality standard it once boasted. By changing politics and politicians; no big pharma, no consultants, no lobbyists in order to do away with conflicts of interest. This includes removing the right of people with enough money to sit on committees and influence decisions. Increase the number of medical students and health care workers, the number of hospital beds, don’t reimburse for medicines that serve no purpose; assess the usefulness of natural medicines; allow GPs to open offices; and re-establish the independence of media.

Holistic and humanistic medicine is needed, and Professor Perronne quotes Hippocrates and Aristotle.

He finishes with a huge thank you to the MEPs who are present, full of integrity and courage, with hope for a renewal and a democratic era.

Offline: What is Medicine’s 5-Sigma, by Richard Horton

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