Are the World’s Best Health Systems Incentivising Harm?

It seems as though that is exactly what is happening.

The Midazolam scandal in the UK is a huge cover-up which has been largely hidden from the public. Lawyer and journalist Maajid Nawaz has covered the story extensively here, here, here and here.

NZDSOS, 9 November 2022 : From Functional Machine to Destructive Beast: Has Covid-19 Caused the Best Health Systems in the World to Incentivise Harm?

Many of us at NZDSOS have experienced international health systems which work in favour of the powerful whilst causing immeasurable harm to those they purport to serve. The cycle of poverty in impoverished countries for example, is maintained in large part due to crushing health care debt, enriching a minority of individuals whilst keeping communities poor. This in turn maintains high levels of food insecurity, stress, overcrowded and unsafe housing, and vulnerability to exploitation. These conditions contribute to “diseases of poverty” including malnutrition and preventable infectious diseases such as TB, malaria, HIV, childhood pneumonia and diarrhoea all of which lead to high rates of illness, injury and premature death.

Medical error, widely reported as a very common cause of death in western nations, occurs at high rates in the poorest nations too, with no capacity for restitution. Health care-acquired injury, disability and death are experienced by millions, often as the injured and their families are forced to pay for the service which caused the harm. We consider these systems to be destructive beasts.

Until recently it was a genuine privilege to work within the New Zealand health system which acted, despite its imperfections, as a functional machine serving the needs of our citizens. The Covid-19 crisis however, leaves us questioning where the New Zealand health system is placed, and the direction in which it is moving. It seems obvious that the regulatory systems intended to protect us have become corrupted so that we are now at risk from, rather than protected by them.

Examples from USA Health Systems

In the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic mechanical ventilation was aggressively promoted as a recommended treatment. Despite the knowledge that a large percentage of ventilated patients were dying, in early April the state of New York, at the epicentre of America’s pandemic, organised lucrative deals for ventilators with the Chinese Communist Party. This encouraged a widespread acceptance within the medical world, that ventilation was an appropriate treatment intervention, despite established knowledge that patients with low oxygen levels, but a patent airway who are able to breathe independently, require oxygen and not mechanical support.

Emergency physician Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell opened a Covid-19 intensive care unit in New York and initially followed recommended protocols. On 1 April 2020 he posted a YouTube video challenging the recommendation to intubate and ventilate Covid-19 patients. He described the protocols as making no sense, stating “… we are operating under a medical paradigm that is untrue. In short, I believe we are treating the wrong disease and I fear that this misguided treatment will lead to a tremendous amount of harm to a great number of people …”. This appears to support the theory of Professor Denis Rancourt, who has written and presented on All-cause mortality during COVID-19 – No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response.

The history of Remdesivir is well documented in Robert F Kennedy Jr’s The Real Anthony Fauci, described as Fauci’s “vanity drug”, developed at a cost to the American taxpayer of US$79 million to Gilead, a company in which powerful entities including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have significant financial interests. With no clinical efficacy against Covid-19, Remdesivir costs US$3,000 per treatment and causes serious and lethal side effects including multiple organ failure, kidney failure, septic shock and hypotension. In order to promote the use of Remdesivir, Fauci has taken a pivotal role in undermining the safety and efficacy of Ivermectin and Hydroxycholoroquine in treating Covid-19.

One of the best independent, investigative medical journalists of today is Del Bigtree, producer and host of The Highwire, a weekly news documentary featuring global and USA-specific health related news. On 27 October 2022, Episode 291: Deadly Protocols featured the stories of two American men who died following diagnosis with Covid-19 within a Michigan hospital. Interviews with their grieving wives (Sarah Mitchell and Stacy Ograyensek) highlight a health system immersed in medical protocols incentivising the use of dangerous interventions including ventilation and the highly toxic drug Remdesivir.

Despite the obvious contraindications of ventilation and Remdesivir, Sarah and Stacy describe an aggressive push by hospital staff to consent to both interventions. Their husbands’ conditions both deteriorated on lethal hospital protocols, and they each describe a culture of intimidation, refusing to engage with the patient’s wishes, forcing interventions against patients’ and families’ wishes, and ultimately the loss of their loved ones at the hands of a health system acting as a destructive beast.

Why would this be happening? Stacy discovered that the head of the hospital’s infectious disease department receives payments from Gilead and she reports experiencing a “turf war” with people protecting egos and pay checks rather than prioritising the needs of their patients. As a Registered Nurse, despite not being involved in Covid-19 care, Sarah describes choosing to leave the health system rather than agreeing to play any part in the harm being deliberately caused to human lives. She challenges her health care colleagues to do what’s right over saving their jobs.

During the episode a short clip from renowned critical care physician Dr Paul Marik presenting to Senator Ron Johnson’s Second Opinion hearing in January 2022 is shared. Now Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of the highly successful Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), Dr Marik describes his experience as a clinical expert with demonstrated skill to save the lives of Covid-19 patients, being forced to watch his patients die due to administrators forcing useless and dangerous hospital protocols, prior to losing his job.

Sense is made from these horrific levels of suffering by understanding the corruption of health systems. The explosion in ratio of administrators to physicians in the American health system is surely one contributing factor, supporting the idea that business priorities and profits now override clinical priorities.

In a short clip from Episode 286: Septic Science two lawyers involved in legal action against Californian hospitals for deaths following treatment with Remdesivir, describe the conflicts of interest involved. Incentives are provided to hospitals depending on which of three Covid-19 categories a patient belongs to: outpatient, inpatient non-complex, and inpatient complex. Payment incentives for outpatients amount to US$3,200. Non-complex inpatient incentives amount to approximately US$111,000. Inpatient complex patients, involving admission to ICU +/- intubation and ventilation amount to an average $454,000. Where Remdesivir is prescribed to the exclusion of other treatments, the hospital code ensures a 20% bonus on the cost of the entire hospital bill, paid to the hospital.

Sarah and Stacy’s stories are two of many. Equally horrific is the experience of Grace Schara, who lost her life at the age of 19 years due to hospital protocols and the same aggressive and dishonest health system practices, at a Wisconsin hospital in October 2021. Her story features in The Highwire, Episode 262: The Big Push, in a segment called The Fight for Grace. The Covid-19 Frontline Critical Care Alliance Weekly Webinar on 21 September 2022 covers the story of USA hospital protocols, including the experience of Ohio nurse, Karen Mikalonis, who died of bacterial pneumonia following a Covid-19 misdiagnosis which placed her under the health system protocols for Covid-19. Her harrowing hospitalisation is described by her sister Lori Bontell and legal advice is provided to the audience about patient rights, including the right to walk out of a hospital when you feel unsafe or threatened.

Dr Marik of FLCCC has stated on record that:

… the hospital system is corrupt. Hospitals have become dangerous places for sick people. It’s a terrible thing for me, having practiced hospital medicine for over 35 years, to utter that statement. that hospitals in this country have become dangerous places for sick people …”

Can the Same Be Said of the New Zealand Health System?

The New Zealand health system continues to promote and administer the Covid-19 genetic technology labelled as “vaccines”, despite the array of documented harms being experienced.

We know that Remdesivir is in use in New Zealand hospitals, still unapproved by regulator MedSAFE, and Pharmac list a host of other new and highly expensive recommended agents.  We see Paxlovid advertisements appearing in the media and the removal of doctors from the process of diagnosis and treatment with pharmacists now able to prescribe and dispense. Paxlovid is one of the most toxic drugs we have, and further details are available here.

The cost and efficacy differential with proven low cost repurposed medications and natural substances is astonishing, and every New Zealand tax payer and health consumer should compare all these treatments at Many come away from this very useful comparator site outraged at the focus on expensive, toxic and often ineffective treatments.

Hospitals have always been dangerous places, but this has never been truer than today. Not only is there a narrow focus on the dangerous “3 Vs” against covid itself (vax, vent and viral protease inhibitors), but a health system that has focused on one largely non-life threatening disease has racked up huge neglect of all else. Cardiovascular disease and cancer patients have been made to wait, but we say their ranks are being swelled by the extraordinary impacts from the vaccine itself, which are now undeniable by all but the criminally insane and the bewitched – unfortunately a decent number, thanks to the state-of-the-art manipulation inflicted on the populace.

As if this wasn’t enough to tip the teetering edifice, we have an obvious epidemic of now immune-damaged patients with infections, and widespread staff sickness to boot. Meanwhile healthy, willing but mandated reinforcements are still locked out of the health system, on a point of very nasty political principle which seems to have at it’s heart an instinct for complete Marxist-style destruction.

We see an absolute torrential abandonment in the UK of the NHS by a medical elite, that may never be replaced.  So, be unsurprised to see the same happening here, maybe even before next winter illness season which might be indistinguishable from the summer illness season to come.

So, What Takeaways Do Our Experienced Hospital and Community Doctors Offer?

Never be in hospital alone if possible. Make sure you or a loved one have an advocate to look, listen, record, feed and maybe even change and toilet you. 

Make a living will.  Lodge it with your GP and lawyer, and specify any treatments you do not consent to. There are worrying stories of people being jabbed under anaesthetic or sedation, so specify that you do NOT agree to this on any consent forms you sign for any procedure. We know of elderly patients given Remdesevir despite their advocates pre-refusing.

The overwhelmed public hospital staff who care for you will mostly do their very best within profound limitations, restrictions and biases.  Prevention is the best cure so continue to learn about optimal nutriton, targeted exercise, rest, sleep and connection with friends and loved ones.

Take care out there.

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