Died Suddenly : New Feature Documentary

A rise in sudden and unexpected deaths began in early 2021 across the globe. Died Suddenly covers the story from the viewpoints of:

  • Embalmers
  • US Army medics
  • Doctors
  • A nurse
  • Data analysts
  • A vaccine injured man

Some of the footage is graphic, so not appropriate viewing for everyone. In fact, most probably should not watch it. But the underlying issue – that this is some sort of attack on humanity – needs to be understood and that is why I will not be quiet.

In Pfizer’s own post-marketing analysis document (5.3.6 Post-Marketing Experience, access at this link), there were 270 pregnancies in women who received the injection as part of the trial. Pfizer could not account for what happened to 238 of those pregnancies. [What kind of clinical trial loses 238 of 270 trial participants without explanation?]. Of the 32 remaining pregnancies, 29 intrauterine or neonatal deaths resulted and there was only one normal outcome.

Could this be why birth rates are plummeting? Australian Bureau of Statistics shows this.

Dr Jessica Rose has researched the data to try and understand, and she concluded: This supports the claim that the birth data for the ABS monthly data set is not complete so in fact, the ABS emailer might have been correct about the data lag. The question remains though, why the hell is it taking so long to get updated data?The point is that vital ABS statistics are not up-to-date a full year following data capture. This is not ok, especially in the face of many other countries reporting excessively low birth rates.

Social media is filled with messages like this.

Regardless of how many shots you’ve had to date, NEVER agree to another.

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