Do You or Someone You Know Have a C-19 “Vaccine” Injury?

Recently I met a couple at a social event who in passing mentioned, because one of them became unwell and had to explain why they were suddenly and prematurely leaving the event, that they both had a C-19 “vaccine” injury. They now experience identical symptoms. He stated emphatically to the room “This is REAL. Don’t take that injection!”. When I enquired what help they were getting, they said that their GP was “great”. The medical facility had administered the product to them both at the same time, from the same vial, in the same room (so at the same temperature, from the same vial-shake etc), which likely explains their matching symptoms as scientists are explaining. More detailed product manufacturing information is available here.

When this couple stated to their GP that “these symptoms are clearly from the vaccine”, he responded with a raised eyebrow “you are on the right track”. However he refuses to document any connection to the “vaccine” in their notes (he wrote it on a scrap of paper as they spoke, and it has not been added to their file). He also has not reported it through the appropriate monitoring systems. When they asked if they could access Ivermectin, he replied “not through me”. Why would doctors be behaving in such an unusual manner?

There are useful protocols which can help reduce post-vaccine symptoms.

Leaders in Covid disease and Covid “vaccine” injury treatments, the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) have a number of different protocols (prevention, early treatment, hospital treatment, long covid, and others). Their i-Recover Vaccine Injury Protocol offers a range of recommendations which they report some success with.

It’s best to download these documents from the website as they are updated regularly as new evidence emerges. I am sharing the current versions as at 23 November 2022.

Truth for Health are an American group of physicians, scientists and nurses, with some cross-over with FLCCC, offering similar assistance to people. Their Vaccine Injury Treatment Guide is also worth knowing about.

These protocols are designed for patients to take with them to mainstream doctors, who are not (yet) acknowledging or treating vaccine injury appropriately. Many patients report being told they have an emotional/mental condition and recommended psychiatric medical treatments. This is wrong. Patients can push back by providing evidence to the contrary and requesting appropriate medical assistance.

If you are in New Zealand you can (and should) report your post-vaccine injury to the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM). You can (and should) also report to The Health Forum NZ, in order to have your experience documented on the Citizens Database (including if you have lost a loved one after they received an experimental injection). The injection may not be the cause of harm, but without documentation and appropriate follow-up this can never be investigated properly. Normal procedure, fallen by the wayside during Covid-19 for inexplicable reasons, would be to report every event of harm occurring after administration of a medical product, in order for appropriate investigations to take place. If you need medical assistance which you feel is not available via your health service, go to NZDSOS.

Today at a meeting with colleagues in Cambodia I learned that one of them is experiencing similar symptoms to this couple in New Zealand, following her second injection with the same product (but her fourth injection). Her daughter is having similar symptoms and has had to cancel her university attendance because she is unable to function. They are being actively pursued by their medical centre to attend for their fifth injection. She described being unable to access food or services without a vaccine compliance card which the population had to wear around their neck and produce wherever they went, for a time until earlier this year. Another colleague stated “the whole thing activated and empowered the world’s authoritarian characters”.

As with everywhere, the system will likely return once it has been perfected, until enough people refuse. This is being sold as necessary to keep us “safe” by preventing hate speech/disinformation through insistence of “the truth” as determined by the likes of Pfizer’s CEO or various leaders being enriched through partnerships with the likes of Pfizer. It can also protect the planet by ensuring “safe behaviour“. It can also keep us all “healthy” by ensuring we can only move around once “vaccinated and tested properly” in the next pandemic, the final solution, to the next pandemic, the next pandemic, the next pandemic, the next pandemic.

Should we really expect a next pandemic? Or is something else happening?

Politicians in Australia are speaking out loud and clear. THIS IS NOT OKAY.

As the Greatest Scandal in Medical History, Covid competes with some utter horror shows of criminality and human rights abuses. We have not been monitoring our billionaire “philanthropists” and their zealous public health associates at all. We are now paying the ultimate price.

I guess anyone alerting the world to this scam is a Zika-denying-anti-vaxaahh spreading hate-speech against innocent-babies who the global-protectors only want to help with their “vaccines” and “novel treatments”?

One thought on “Do You or Someone You Know Have a C-19 “Vaccine” Injury?

  1. These people are murderers! How many showers do you take daily to rid yourself of their filthy agenda? Somebody here has to have 2 showers daily to cleanse……… Must be hard to be him, his skin must be red raw from scrubbing! 🙂


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