The Forgotten Side of Medicine

Dr Pierre Kory recommended an article What is Causing the Blood Clots from “Died Suddenly”?. The anonymous author, “A Midwestern Doctor”, discusses the documentary which I shared on 23 November. He critiques the film positively, but explicitly highlights an editorial error in which footage of a specific clot attributed to the “vaccine” in fact came from a video uploaded to YouTube before the “vaccines” entered the market.

He then goes on to hypothesise why embalmers are encountering the strange fibrous clots featured in “Died Suddenly”, offering a range of physiological processes involved which all relate to the spike protein, and in particular the prion domain of the protein. It gets quite technical, but it offers clear physiological explanations for concerns about the spike protein, focusing on these fibrous clots, and why having genetic instructions to produce spike protein, or spike protein itself, directly injected into our body is so damaging.

The article leads to many other excellent articles with a unique perspective of medicine as a modality of both health and harm. This is a treasure trove of information.

What is “The Forgotten Side of Medicine”?

Who are the authors, what are we trying to do for you, and what should you read?

I am a board certified physician from the Midwest and belong to a network of likeminded physicians who desperately want to create positive change for our society. To do that, we have focused on healing the medical field and working to pass on the knowledge we were taught by our extraordinary mentors.

Last year, it dawned on me we were reliving the smallpox vaccine campaign and that it was critical for us to learn from the struggles of our forefathers so we did not repeat history’s mistakes. I tried for months and months without success to get the word out through contacts in the alternative media. One Saturday morning I woke up, realized all of that work going nowhere did not sit well with me and decided I needed to at least give a shot at directly promoting the message myself…and before long, haphazardly stumbled into a viral Substack I realized I had a responsibility to utilize bring the forgotten side of medicine to the public’s consciousness.

There are many dark sides to medicine that our society has never come to terms with, and much of what we have suffered through in COVID-19 could never have happened if those events had not been swept under the rug. However, while my skepticism towards aspects of medicine may suggest otherwise, I sincerely love it and not a day goes by where I am not profoundly grateful for my career.  Medicine has both its light and dark sides, and as a society, we each must play our role in shifting it to the light. The “Forgotten Side of Medicine” is meant to encapsulate both of these halves of medicine, and it is my sincere believe that as they are remembered, all of us will benefit.

While you could cite numerous reasons for the shortcomings of medicine, my belief is the ultimate cause of this was the removal of spirit from medicine, which contrary to popular belief can easily co-exist with scientific rigor.  When I entered the medical field, my goal was to help evolve the consciousness of my profession and create a better practice of medicine, as I felt that the ripples from doing this would allow me to provide the greatest positive impact to the planet.  A large part of my career and finances have hence been devoted to promoting this goal (such as through non-profit healing initiatives or working at free clinics) and depending on how you count them, I work 2 to 3 nearly full-time jobs to do this.

One view of history identifies periodic “bifurcation points” where world history has the potential to go in two radically different directions, one positive and one negative.  It appears we have arrived at one such bifurcation point, with one path representing big tech and big pharma controlling every aspect of our lives while the other path representing a reclamation our true potential as individual human beings and within society as a whole.

Many people before me have seen the same things I see and tried to promote the messages I believe in.  With a few exceptions, they largely failed, and all held the opinion the world was not ready for their ideas, but in the future the time would arise when those universal truths would spread like wildfire.  That time seems to be now, there is large demand for this type of content and despite my limited bandwidth, I am trying to make the best of the responsibility I’ve ended up with. 

At this point in time, I have a squeaky clean record which is something that I’ve needed to have doors that can heal medicine be open to me. Beyond protecting that record, there are two key reasons I made this substack mostly anonymous:

  • I did not want people to judge the merits of my arguments on who I am. I want the arguments to stand for themselves and be judged for their intrinsic merits.
  • I wanted the freedom to say what I believe is true without having to be concerned with all the potential implications of what I did or not say or being forced to pick sides.

My initial goal is to articulate the arguments many of you are trying to express to your peers. You have my complete permission to re-use any of the content on here if you believe something positive can come of it and do not misquote the content here. If you can reference me as well that is appreciated. I recently found out a licensing exists for that (CC BY-SA 4.0), and all public content here is licensed as such.

The first phase of this substack will focus on exposing the dark. Once that’s done, the focus will shift to transformative medical approaches. As there will likely be a lot written on here, the following articles represent the key points of this substack I hope you can review as time is available:

To conclude, I’m really stretched on time, so if you support what I am doing, there are a few simple ways you can really help me.

  1. Please share the articles on here you feel have value on public forums where they will be seen.  For a lot of reasons, I do not have the ability to do this myself, and this is biggest area I need help in.
  2. If you think I made any mistakes and you are acting in good faith, please point them out so I can correct them.  I want my work to be accurate, and that is often much more challenging to do than you would think.
  3. If there are any other suggestions to improve the work here, please leave them in the comments and I will do my best to incorporate them. Similarly, if there is content you believe I need to review or subjects that need to be covered, I will do the same.

If all of that sounds good to you, please consider subscribing to this newsletter.  I value your time and I promise I will only send out email notifications on pieces I put real work into and believe are worth your time to read.

Lastly, if you find yourself in a similar situation to the one I was in (such as being a physician with the need to publish something important but no platform to do it from anonymously), I would be happy to provide this platform to you.

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