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It is almost as though his cartel have some influence over the media?

Dr. Fauci’s 7-Hour Deposition Blacked Out by Media — Here is the Most Damning Revelation That Came Out

by Becker News November 25, 2022

Dr. Anthony Fauci is widely expected to retire from public life in December ahead of a Republican takeover of the House of Representatives. Fauci gave a farewell address from the White House on Tuesday that was fraught with lies, including the discredited talking point that vaccines stop the spread of the coronavirus.

While millions of Americans are anxiously awaiting Fauci being held accountable for his numerous demonstrable falsehoods, there is a faint hope of accountability that may be provided by an ongoing lawsuit exposing Big Tech’s collusion with Covid “experts” during the pandemic.

A judge in September ordered Dr. Fauci, as well as former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and current White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, to provide testimony on their role in Big Tech’s censorship of Americans’ views on the Covid pandemic. On Wednesday, Fauci provided a 7-hour deposition on this matter.

Fauci’s desposition was sealed under court order, but Dr. Aaron Kheriaty gave the most detailed overview of the deposition. One revelation from the hearing turned out to be particularly damning.

“UPDATE: from our deposition of Fauci yesterday in the MO v. Biden case,” Dr. Kheriaty began. “Fauci confirmed that in Feb 2020, Fauci sent Clifford Lane, his deputy at the NAIAD, as the U.S. representative for the WHO delegation to China. Lane convinced Fauci we should emulate China’s lockdowns. The CCP had announced China had contained the virus through draconian lockdowns–a claim now known to be false.”

“Given the China’s pattern of falsified information, Lane and Fauci should have approached this claim with skepticism,” Kheriaty continued. “Lockdowns were wholly untested & unprecedented. As our lawyer, @Leftylockdowns1 put it, Fauci ‘was apparently willing to base his lockdown advocacy on the observations of a single guy relying on reports from a dictator.’ Not exactly a double-blind randomized trial level of evidence, or indeed, any level of evidence.”

“Days after Lane returned, WHO published its report praising China’s strategy: ‘China’s uncompromising and rigorous use of non-pharmaceutical measures [lockdowns] to contain transmission of the COVID-19 virus in multiple settings provides vital lessons for the global response. ‘This rather unique and unprecedented public health response in China reversed the escalating cases,’ the report claimed. My colleague @jeffreyatucker  at the @brownstoneinst gave a tongue-in-cheek gloss of WHO’s misty eyed report: ‘I’ve seen the future—and it is Wuhan’.”

“Lockdowns quickly spread from China to the West, as a troubling number of Western apologists besides the WHO also looked to the Chinese Communist Party’s covid response for guidance,” he continued. “The U.S. & U.K. followed Italy’s lockdown, which had followed China, and all but a handful of countries around the globe immediately followed our lead. Within weeks the whole world was locked down. From the very beginning, the evidential basis for this global policy catastrophe was always paper-thin. We are now living in the aftermath.”

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry noted that Fauci had convenient memory issues during the deposition.

“Wow!” Landry said. “It was amazing to spend 7 hours with Dr. Fauci. The man who single-handedly wrecked the U.S. economy based upon “the science.” Only to discover that he can’t recall practically anything dealing with his Covid response!”

Civil rights attorney Jenin Younes recounted another embarrassing episode involving Fauci.

More than 50 Biden officials in 12 federal government agencies have been exposed for colluding with Big Tech to censor their political opponents in a major lawsuit filed by state attorneys general.

It is especially disturbing that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s testimony tracks almost perfectly with the insidious agenda of World Economic Forum founder and president Klaus Schwab.

“China is a role model for many countries,” Schwab argued on Chinese state television.

Fauci, as we now know from his testimony, appears to agree.

They are building quarantine camps on China’s highways. Travel is no longer required. Because quarantine is required.

Also in China, the rules alleging to be about Covid are that everyone has a digital ID passport, without which movement is impossible. The passports are colour coded and to remain green in some locations, daily testing is required. These tests are not how disease is diagnosed but that no longer matters because the Covid industry has allowed for unprecedented profits courtesy of the public-private collusions in place, with governments imposing the rules and governments/corporations profiting from those rules.

Green = You can move freely
Yellow = You can’t get into supermarkets, hotels, restaurants…
Red = You must be quarantined.
Because recent covid outbreaks, all these people’s passports are switched to yellow They rushed to do covid test to get their green pass back!” (See videos in link)

Perhaps it’s time to start opposing the likes of Klaus and Xi and their ideas on how to “protect” us?

If you are healthy you don’t need a medical test. You never need to cover your face with a mask. Stay home (unless you need medical care) if you’re sick. You don’t need an injection that doesn’t work and risks your health in multiple ways. You don’t need to keep away from family and friends. You don’t need to check-in with a “passport” wherever you go. You don’t need to work out who to blame if you get a runny nose or a chest infection. You don’t need to inform on neighbours, family, friends or colleagues for having “wrongthink” or “wrongspeak”. These ideas are nothing to do with public health and everything to do with a political agenda to centralise profits and power before the fiat currency collapses.

Dr Robert Malone explains briefly here, what corporatism is, and how it has come to establish itself in the western world under the guise of “public health”.

The Corona Investigative Committee have splintered due to in-fighting. The original committee remain active, collecting testimony in ongoing fashion regarding crimes specific to the Covid pandemic. Dr Reiner Fuellmich has started a new investigation called the International Crimes Investigative Committee (ICIC), looking at a broader scope of globalist crimes including staged wars, climate change, financial collapse etc, which are all intended to keep us compliant through fear, immobilise us and centralise power.

The most recent ICIC testimony was from two British geopolitical commentators, Rowan Atkinson’s brother Rodney Atkinson and former British Intelligence Officer Alex Thomson. They explain corporatism and the hostile takeover currently occurring worldwide, in detail.

Hostile Takeover Through Corporatism? ICIC | Session 2 (11.20.22)

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