I Don’t Have Children

You are going to have to start saying NO.

Detecting particles of a virus in your nose/throat is not a disease diagnosis. Why would a parent agree to this? Do not comply.

The digital passports of everyone in Zhejiang Province in China were turned Code Yellow by authorities yesterday. Many thousands lined up to pay and have their Covid test, so they could revert to Code Green. For another day. This is not “public health, this is Corporatism in action: governments colluding with corporations for control. Do not comply.

The only doctors following real medicine are NZDSOS, AMN, FLCCC, AFLDS, CCCA and other so-called “dissidents” who are not complying with this insane, harmful, murderous fascism.

If your doctor is not suspended or being investigated by the corrupted medical councils, then RUN.” ~ Dr Mark Trozzi

Stop agreeing to child abuse and stop surrendering your rights to say no in case you get called an “anti vaxxaaaaahh”. Sometimes being an “anti vaxxaaaaahh” makes you the good guy. It’s time to be the good guy.

Establishing the biosecurity state in western nations: psychiatric diagnoses for those opposing the regime. This has happened in history, it can happen again. It already is.

Dr Mark Trozzi: one of the good guys, in probably the most sane, intelligent and principled interview ever given.

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