Small Voices Roar

The full presentation is available at this link. Please read and share. Australian researchers are sharing similar findings. The Corona Investigative Committee have covered the issue with European researchers. Dr Reiner Fuellmich and his German team have collaborated with international lawyers to provide the world with comprehensive evidence from experts in almost every field. Their … More Small Voices Roar

Lying With Statistics

How to Lie With Statistics: this quick book review is highly relevant to current day events. “Talking about fatalities is important … “. Virologist Marc Van Ranst boastfully presented to an audience at Chatham House in London in 2019, on the strategies he used to frighten the Belgian population during the 2009 Swine Flu scare. … More Lying With Statistics

Clickbait and Kludge

There are some truly inspiring medical doctors using Twitter to share information about Covid-19. One of the most impassioned I follow is Dr Thomas Binder. He earned a PhD in Virology/Immunology before specialising in Cardiology, has over 30 years medical experience and works as an Associate Professor at a medical university in Austria. There are … More Clickbait and Kludge