Rare Courage By A Critical Care Nurse

Critical Care Nurse Jodi O’Malley, in conversation with Stephanie Locricchio of Children’s Health Defense (below), is confident and articulate. She followed the evidence, she recognised the propaganda and she fought back.

She talks about the ZERO training of clinicians in matters of public health including when an experimental medical product is rolled out, what she experienced, and why she blew the whistle. Her nursing school training consisted of “vaccines are just good and everybody needs them“. Many highly specialised doctors have said similar, reporting extremely brief mention at best, on the topic of vaccinations. Many say that since Covid they’ve studied the subject and identified many issues, not least of which being the complete lack of proper clinical trials and regulation.

Dr Peter McCullough: The Band-Aid Has Been Ripped Off the Vaccine Agenda

Dr Paul Marik: You are more likely to get covid and be hospitalised if you’re vaccinated.

Dr Ryan Cole: Pfizer data shows scientific fraud.

Dr Michael Yeadon: It’s extraordinarily questionable what’s gone on for decades.

Dr Meryl Nass: A profit-driven push for mass vaccination.

Federation of State Medical Boards: Influencing medical regulators internationally, a private corporation funded by Pharma. (Read more here).

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