Fighting For The Most Vulnerable

Alexander Eliot Bly.
This is my son before and after he got a transfusion of poisoned blood.
We begged the hospital to let us get pure blood.
They refused and gave the blood to him without our consent.
He developed a blood clot instantly that stretched from his knee to his heart.
He made it two weeks before he died.

Liz Gunn interviewed the mother of Alexander at FreeNZ. She is only 24yo but what wisdom. The right to choose needs to remain in place for parents and patients. Something very wrong is happening to health services in nations who once followed ethical medical practices but who are being demolished, apparently deliberately.

Viral immunologist Byram Bridle spoke to New Zealanders a week ago in a riveting two hour interview, including this seven minute clip on the issue of spike protein circulating in blood and the potential for harm which cost Alexander his life, and which Will’s parents are fighting to prevent from happening to their own baby. Evidence on the potential for harm is available in this article and this article.

The story of Will Savage, a four month old New Zealand baby needing heart surgery, and whose parents have multiple donors offering covid-unvaccinated blood for the transfusions he will need during and after surgery, is covered here by Counterspin Media in conversation with Liz Gunn.

Australian Senator Gerrard Rennick, who knows how to read and understand clinical trial data, which is clearly not a skill that the medical doctors involved in Will and Alexander’s care have, has spoken persistently in parliament on the massive corruption playing out and has advocated for the injured. He does so alongside a number of other intelligent and courageous Australian politicians. It’s hard to understand where the New Zealand politicians with backbone could be. With information coming out of the USA now, that military and intelligence services are heavily involved in the new-style “public health”, one has to wonder who is controlling those sitting in the Beehive.

Over half the country have caught Covid since the vaccine rollout. Excess deaths at around 1,000 per month and vaccine injuries through the roof. But authorities are ignoring it all? WHY? And why is the same indifference happening across nations?

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