Most New Zealanders Don’t Know Kirk Milhoan

On 8 December 2022 Dr Kirk Milhoan presented to the latest Covid-19 roundtable in Washington DC. He then met with New Zealand’s investigative journalist Liz Gunn to discuss the case of “Baby Will”. He has an MD and PhD in paediatric cardiology, specialising in myocarditis. He might be a real and relevant medical scientist? But I guess the criminal cartel will say “anyone can claim to be a paediatric cardiologist”, and the whole world will believe them?

This is his six minute testimony to the 8 December 2022 Covid-19 roundtable, expressing concern about the C-19 vaccines being given to children who do not need protection from this virus, and are at far higher risk of harms from the injection.

Later on the same day he joined Liz Gunn and fellow paediatric cardiologist/cardio-thoracic surgeon, Dr John Kupferschmid, to discuss the case of Baby Will. Interestingly, both doctors talk about working with the family as a focus of paediatric medical care. The family’s beliefs and needs are always paramount, even when those offering care disagree or hold opposing views. This is something Will’s family were strongly denied. It’s hard to imagine why.

The good news is that Will’s parents appear to have been given good reason to believe he received Covid-19-unvaccinated blood during his surgery. Which was all they ever wanted, to reduce unknown risk.

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