How to Manage a Pandemic and How Not To

Professor Harvey Risch, Professor of Epidemiology at Yale University’s School of Public Health gives this two minute lesson in Infectious Disease Epidemiology 101.

What he doesn’t say, because his point is made so succinctly, is that the chart he shares is the “case fatality rate”, which means the number of people who died of the disease, compared to the number who were diagnosed with the disease. There are two important points to this, being:

  1. The case fatality rate differs from the infection fatality rate, which includes every infection rather than just every known case. With most people experiencing mild to no symptoms, there are many unknown infections which can only be detected by population-wide antibody testing. This is not without inaccuracy however, given that antibodies become undetectable over time. The infection fatality rate is always much lower than the case fatality rate. The latest infection fatality rate, based on this meta-analysis of antibody studies, is 0.0003% at 0-19 years, 0.003% at 20-29 years, 0.011% at 30-39 years, 0.035% at 40-49 years, 0.129% at 50-59 years, and 0.501% at 60-69 years. This earlier meta-analysis for older populations shows an infection fatality rate of 2.9% for community-dwelling elderly and 4.9% for elderly overall (which takes into account the much higher IFR of elderly in nursing homes, who have comprised up to 70% of all Covid deaths).
  2. The multiple problems with diagnosis. It is well known that many who died “with” a positive Covid test, in fact died “of” something else. Covid caused almost no excess mortality because it replaced deaths from other causes as those dying from cancer, cardiovascular disease etc, were often counted as a Covid death instead, due to obsessive testing protocols and incentivisation of Covid diagnosis over all other causes. Excess deaths have been seen in multiple countries only since the vaccine rollout – the exact opposite of an expected vaccine effect. (Australia: 13% excess death in 2022; excess deaths in Europe blamed on heat although “not specifically caused by heat”; New Zealand’s excess death toll is discussed here). Politicians keep claiming they’ve “saved lives”. They’ve done the exact opposite.

Why was the whole world trained to believe that counting cases via obsessive “case” testing was the right management protocol? Why did public health professionals who understand Epidemiology 101 go along with it all? The answers are apparent, and the senate hearing where Professor Risch spoke on 7 December 2022, provided some detail.

Doctors 4 Covid Ethics have also worked out what is going on and are doing everything within their power to inform the public. On 10 December their latest symposium was televised by UK Column. The recording starts at 15 minutes. Dr Sucharit Bhakdi begins with an impassioned call to medical doctors and scientists around the world “go back to your text books and recall what we all should know”, before presenting Immunology 101 in hope of explaining why what is happening is both unnecessary and dangerous.

Children’s Health Defense Europe held a conference, “Hands Off Our Children” in Belgium on 12 November 2022. Lawyer Mary Holland states that many are now waking up, and Catherine Austin-Fitts, financier and Solari Report publisher, regarding the digital control grid: “In the G7 nations we are so used to living in an environment of freedom, that we can’t fathom that this is really where it wants to go … If you go into countries where they’ve dealt with tyranny, the attitude is ‘oh we’ve seen this before, we’re not doing this‘ … We have all enjoyed freedom. We have to leave that kind of world to our children and grandchildren, that’s our obligation“. Push back by using cash (use of cash is exploding, good evidence that people are becoming aware). Use local banks. Donate money to those fighting for us. Don’t use QR codes.

In a recent article, Detailed Covid-19 Evidence Determinedly Ignored By Authorities, New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science state: “The problem for the public is that to believe what we and others have been saying, they would have to accept that their leaders and officials are trying to hurt them, at the very least through gross negligence. For many peaceful and complacent Kiwis, this is a cognitive chasm too wide to cross“. The article shares two detailed letters sent to authorities in New Zealand, outlining the evidence of errors in the ongoing public health response and the resulting harms that are occurring to innocent people.

  1. A veterinary scientist with decades of experience in vaccine research, including for “zoonotic-mutating RNA viruses that cause respiratory pandemics“, Dr Carlton’s skill set could not be more relevant to this crisis. His 95-page Open Letter and Evidentiary Document was sent to the New Zealand PM, Health Ministers and other relevant authorities on 1 December 2022.
  2. New Zealand Lawyers Speaking Out With Science have written a series of letters to various NZ authorities over the past year, all of which have been ignored. A letter dated May 2022, sent to the Governor General and Rear-Admiral of the Royal New Zealand Navy, is shared here (from the NZDSOS article).

Authorities across the globe continue to determinedly ignore all evidence provided to them. Why?

Opposition to the pandemic response is so strong now that it is hard to keep up with all of the information. Some of the loudest opponents now, are oncologists (for example here and here), partly explained here, in addition to so many other disciplines including cardiologists, pathologists, pulmonologists, immunologists, vaccinologists, microbiologists and more.

Dr Tess Lawrie of World Council for Health, who called for an Immediate Stop to the Covid-19 Experimental “Vaccines” a year ago, recently spoke to Jan Jekielek at American Thought Leaders : Covid-19 “Vaccines” Cause Inflammation in Every Organ and Tissue in the Body.

Conclusions from Dr Michael Palmer at the D4CE Symposium V (from around 35 minutes).

Those still believing the “safe and effective” narrative are those in the most danger. They seem unable to hear anything else, which is perhaps explained by the phenomenon of propaganda and opinion engineering.

What Is Happening Is Unnecessary and Dangerous.

With so much evidence shared above from experts speaking authentic public health, it’s hard to fathom why anyone would still want to follow the nefarious advice of these creeps and those politically associated with them. The children of the world deserve the opposite of what these criminals are attempting to impose.

Historian and political analyst, Dr Naomi Wolf’s words summarise what is going on here.

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