A Scientist in Session

This was a particularly interesting presentation by Dr Stephanie Seneff of MIT in Massachussetts, USA. Why Covid-19 Jabs Are Injuring So Many People Globally. Dr Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and Master of Science and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. To those announcing case counts as proof of their knowledge about Covid, she’s probably a “fake scientist”.

Governments everywhere are actively hiding critical information from the general public. Funding the media to ensure only one version of events is told makes it easy to convince the public of anything you need them to believe.

When New Zealanders were told to only listen to a “single source of truth“, it became apparent that something very wrong was underway. This single source of truth has spread multiple untruths. It now ensures anyone speaking “out of turn” is targeted viciously with hit pieces against perfectly innocent and often well informed people becoming a main feature in national rags; strange propagandist “documentaries” receiving impressive amounts of taxpayer money; imprisonment of dissenting voices; blatant advertising of messages promoting social isolation, forced medical interventions and reporting on neighbours all being for the greater good; and other features of totalitarianism taking hold. History tells us this path leads to dark places.

An example of “single source of truth” untruths is the fact that whilst Pfizer did not even test for transmission or infection in their trials, the general public were told otherwise by government mouthpieces with ties to pharmaceutical industry interests. Any action not following the pharmaceutical industry’s claims of how to respond to an infectious disease was labelled with terms such as “let it rip”; and vaccines promoted as being “for the greater good” ensured a clear division in society ensuring that anyone suggesting alternatives was immediately “crazy”, “conspiratorial”, “granny killer” and other forms of evil. It turns out that these products have “let it rip” by damaging immune systems, and their impact has been the exact opposite of any greater good.

Helen Petousis Harris is a government advisor with clear ties to Pfizer and the pharmaceutical industry. She is not a clinical doctor and her PhD investigated which muscle vaccines should be injected into. Her advisory role is to “counter misinformation”, but she refuses to engage with clinical doctors asking questions and pointing to evidence which disputes her “single source of truth“.

Perhaps the only politician in NZ to have spoken about the health crisis caused by these dangerous products is Matt King.

It seems that events took place behind the scenes, led by concerned staff, to ensure Baby Will received blood donated by his own father. A glimmer of light that good can prevail. More information on the burgeoning issue of protecting blood banks from unknown harms can be found at www.liveblood.me.

Dr Byram Bridle is a viral immunologist who coordinates a research program in Canada, investigating cancer immunotherapy and the use of viruses to kill cancer cells. He spoke to Voices For Freedom in a long but fascinating interview recently. This is a short clip from the interview, where he discusses the issue of donor blood.

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