The Biggest Gold Rush in Human History

Dr Aseem Malhotra promoted the Covid-19 “vaccines”, helped out at Covid vaccination “clinics”, and was one of the first in the UK to take two doses of Pfizer. Only after his father died suddenly, did he start to investigate the substances and their risks.

Evidence based medicine has been hijacked by powerful vested interests“. Whilst those vested interests move forward with ongoing gold rush plans to establish mRNA vaccine factories at a location near you and at the expense of your tax dollars and human rights including basic freedoms, Dr Malhotra joins the long list of non-invested public health professionals calling for an immediate halt to this dangerous technology.

Is Novavax a better option? As with Moderna and BioNTech, before this vaccine gold rush, Novavax had never brought another product to market. What could possibly go wrong? “For every 5mg of spike protein you also get 1mg of protein from this worm, and you get a little bit from the baculovirus. And we don’t know whether this will harm you … In addition the adjuvant Matrix M, a derivative from a South American tree bark … a proprietary product … the company don’t have to tell you what’s in it … they don’t have to tell you how Matrix M was derived from the tree bark, so we know … it potentially stimulates auto immune illnesses“.

The human immune system works. Those immune systems that don’t work, which are at risk of serious Covid, are not able to mount an immune response to vaccines, nor to the virus. This basic science is now “a conspiracy theory” as the gold rush advances. An unimpeded advance relies on the cancellation of dissenting voices, of early/safe/effective and cheap treatments, and of life as we knew it.

Not everyone is joining the gold rush. Some are reading the actual data and using their power to push back.

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