Do Conflicts of Interest Matter?

They previously did.

Dr Marik and Dr Kory (read their credentials here) on the banning of safe drugs and the aggressive marketing of toxic drugs for profit in hospitals.

Dr Kory covers the issue in more detail in this twenty minute interview.

This is a rather interesting take on how to be independent from corporate interests…

Direct links between Pfizer and government advisors have been uncovered in Canada by Rebel News, here and here.

Europeans are somewhat protected by MEPs who dare to speak truth to power.

Parallel conflicts seem likely in Australia and New Zealand, both well on the road towards unelected corporate control over our rights to think, speak and move independently. There will come a time when this affects everyone. The worst thing about human nature is that most of us don’t care too much about injustice until it affects us personally.

Here, Senator Malcolm Roberts questions Professor John Skerritt of the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia, in a heated exchange. And below, a clip from a senate hearing with Professor Brendan Murphy (Dept of Health Secretary), Professor Paul Kelly (DoH Chief Medical Officer) and Professor John Skerritt (TGA), discussing Covid-19 inoculation recommendations for children “to create herd immunity” because children are not at risk from serious Covid disease if they become infected (which Prof Murphy admits is also rare).

These inoculations do not “create herd immunity” and their ability to prevent transmission or infection was never tested for in the clinical trials, which list Covid-19 (Appendix 1, p.3) as an adverse event following inoculation. So how does their argument for “herd immunity” make any sense? We have to hope that eminent vaccinologist Professor Geert Vanden Bossche is incorrect in his predictions that repeat mass inoculation with these ineffective substances will drive virus mutations towards higher lethality.

Senator Roberts appears to believe that there are conflicts of interest yet to be disclosed within the Australian regulatory system. It seems he is not the only one. “John Skerritt heads the TGA in Australia and looks to be allowing an unfolding Australian Public Health disaster with regulatory decisions that favor the TGA’s biggest clients“. Claims that Professor Skerritt is following orders from big pharma are common. He certainly looks to be a very unhappy soul.

Senator Craig Kelly: linking to New restrictions on prescribing ivermectin for COVID-19, TGA, 10 September 2021 and A Sad And Shameful Day for Australian Medicine (below), Professor Robert Clancy of Newcastle Medical School, speaking on the issue.

It all seems to be linked to the takeover of health care systems by pharmaceutical industry interests.

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