Industry Insiders Shine a Light on Events

Dr Phillip Altman recently presented to an Australian crowd in Sydney on “The Greatest Fraud and Cover-Up in History“. Dr Altman is a Pharmacologist and Clinical Trial and Drug Regulatory Affairs Consultant working with the Australian Medical Practitioners Society, a group of doctors fighting against pharmaceutical crimes and system takeover. He is the author of one of the most comprehensive Covid reports, The Time of Covid.

The world is at a tipping point. The global plan relies on two things to succeed. Fear and near total medical censorship. Unfortunately this is why all health professionals find themselves on the frontline of this world struggle for freedom and justice. We must fight this. All Australians of integrity must fight this. We must fight this and win “.

Ukrainian born American citizen, Alexandra (Sasha) Latypova spent her working life in the pharmaceutical industry, in research and development. She specialised in cardiac safety monitoring of new biologics. Pfizer was her client and also an investor in her companies, and she worked closely with regulatory agencies.

Very early in the Covid pandemic she recognised something was wrong in the public health response. She began reviewing the data and collaborating with various groups equally aware of a problem which authorities determinedly ignore and/or deny. Recently she began writing a blog, Due Diligence and Art. She has a Bitchute channel, Team Enigma, where she discusses her own research findings or interviews other relevant experts.

Her September 2022 presentation to the Corona Investigative Committee is a must-see for anyone wanting to understand what is going on. Titled Covid-19 Injections, Regulatory and Manufacturing Fraud: Evidence of collusion between the manufacturers, global regulatory agencies and US Department of Defense, she has explained that only those at the very top management levels understand what is happening, while most others are following along, likely aware of a problem but unaware of detail.

Having worked through the 2009 Swine Flu “pandemic” response in a public health role, I can vouch for this conclusion. Influences who should never have been in control of public health (politicians, media) forced a very unconventional response encouraged by fear and panic, which was strange, inexplicable, very harmful and incredibly wasteful, supported by almost zero evidence or common sense. Only in 2020 did I discover explanations of this experience by pulmonologist/epidemiologist Dr Wolfgang Wodarg.

Latypova also spoke to a New Zealand audience on 4 December 2022 during the Truth-a-Thon and has given other presentations including an interview with Vaccine Choice Canada and most recently with Dr Sam Dube, shared below. Her understanding of events is detailed and quite unique, but consistent with other industry whistleblowers.

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