Heroes No Longer

Dr Charles Hoffe spoke from Lytton in British Columbia, Canada, in Episode Two of a new docu-series, Heroes No Longer, filmed in November 2021. He described his experiences through the Covid-19 pandemic, in particular what happened when he tried to raise the alarm about harms caused to his patients by the so-called Covid-19 “vaccines”. “When a doctor is told he is not allowed to question the safety of a new experimental treatment, not allowed to question its safety particularly when there is clear evidence of harm, I thought this is strange…”.

Dr Hoffe has since become central to Canada’s fight against medical tyranny, working on a national tour called Justice for the Vaccinated. An excellent interview with his colleagues Dr Stephen Malthouse and Dr Chris Shaw, including a case presentation on a vaccine injured patient by Dr Hoffe, is at this November 2022 Children’s Health Defense CHD TV episode. They also spoke out against Canada’s medical assistance in dying (MAiD) laws in this December 2022 episode.

Another new documentary not yet released is Fighting for Freedom. Here, the trailer with MEP Christine Anderson whose father was sentenced to 25 years in prison for speaking out against the communists of East Germany in 1950. “We are not quite there yet [absolute tyranny], but they [global elite] are preparing for it. And as the process moves along, the measures they’ll have to take to get their way will have to be more intense. And we are seeing that now … Looking at my father. If I wasn’t willing to do what he was willing to do under these circumstances back then, what kind of a democrat would I be?“.

You could almost think that the determined imposition of biomedical security was a military operation.

See information from Sasha Latypova for more detail on the involvement of intelligence services in so-called “public health”.

Police and military worldwide are now engaging in a mass silencing of voices who oppose the pharmaceutical narrative. Why?

Australian Police want to know about “anyone showing concerning behaviour around conspiracy theories, anti-government, anti-police, conspiracy theories around Covid-19 vaccination…“.

Almost identical policies are establishing in New Zealand, whose intelligence services are also encouraging citizens to report on anyone sharing “conspiracy theories”. This is not normal, not democracy, not okay, and quite horrid.

A very useful video by Coronavirus Plushie published in August 2022 shows a clearly dishonest agenda playing out.

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