Slaying the Dragon

Husband and wife duo Clayton and Natali Morris host the podcast Redacted. In this recent 20 minute episode they cover the issue of unexpected excess deaths occurring across vaccinated populations, which is being ignored by authorities and censored by media.

In summary, as well as the excess deaths issue, the episode shows the genius of Dr John Campbell, who very recently pivoted from his pro-Covid-19 vaccine stance, to calling for a halt to the vaccine program. He managed to avoid breaking the rules of YouTube and Google’s Trusted News Initiative censors whilst getting his message across with dry humour.

They also cover the issue of autopsies being discouraged during the pandemic, led by the usual culprits; and briefly discuss this Cleveland Clinic Health Service retrospective cohort study of over 50,000 staff across the state of Ohio. Findings showed that risk of Covid infection rises with each “vaccine” dose. There were too few severe illnesses in this working age cohort for the study to be able to determine if the vaccine decreased severity of illness.

Mikki Willis, producer of the Plandemic series, gave this interview with Australian Craig Schulze which is well worth the time for anyone trying to understand events. He talks about his experiences of film making; why he left Hollywood; things he learned from people featured in the Plandemic series; circumstances surrounding the loss of his brother and mother; circumstances around the birth of his son; learning about the people behind Event 201** and their prior form in causing harm to innocent people, who then proceeded to govern the pandemic response; the reason those aware of what is happening need to have courage and speak out; the incredible reason he co-authored a recent book; and where he thinks this time in history will take humanity.

** See more on pandemic war game simulations at this article.

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