Elephants Everywhere

Dr William Makis is trying to alert the public to concerns relating to a possible connection between immune suppression caused by mRNA injections and deaths of Canadian children over the past month.

24 year old NFL player Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field in Paycor Stadium, Cincinnatti, during a live game on 2 January 2023. He was resuscitated once on the field and again in hospital and is reported to remain in critical condition. Cardiologist / epidemiologist Dr Peter McCullough gave this considered opinion on possible cause, excluding likelihood of commotio cordis, and mentioning the elephant in the room. Professional sports players in Europe experienced on-the-field cardiac arrests at an average of 29 per year prior to the introduction and mandation of Covid-19 vaccines. Since their introduction the tally is 1,598, of which 1,101 were fatal.

Young Hearts Part 29: UK doctors call for an immediate halt and investigation into the Covid-19 inoculations, followed by a montage of sudden or suspicious deaths in December 2022. From Just News.

Another docuseries covering the scientific fraud playing out is “Harm”. Episode 1: The Great Awakening features scientists, doctors, writers and activists discussing the test used for diagnosis and case counting and touching on the criminality playing out.

The man in the cycle helmet, asking about the lack of excess mortality in a proclaimed pandemic, is Dr Andreas Noack, a chemist and carbon specialist. The dramatic arrest in his home at the end of the episode whilst on a video call occurred in November 2020. One year later, and two days after sharing a video presentation expressing concerns about contents in the Covid-19 vaccine vials and directly addressing responsible politicians, he was attacked and killed. The story is explained in this video and at this article.

It is pertinent to note at the 29 minute mark in Harm, the interests behind so-called “fact checking” of Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, a renowned microbiologist / virologist speaking out against the pandemic response. Unlike Dr Bhakdi, these interests are motivated by something other than humanity, which needs the whole world to be “vaccinated” with their products.

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