Cruelty is Not Public Health

I don’t know what this is called. It is clearly caused by damage to the nervous system. There are two New Zealanders that I know of who developed this condition after taking a mandated pharmaceutical product sold as a “vaccine”. Their conditions are not improving (Casey Hodgkinson; Rob Martin). There are others with milder forms of the same condition and many with other conditions.

This mother developed her symptoms one week after a Pfizer Covid-19 inoculation. She is unable to walk and cannot feed her child.

Cruelty is not public health. Something is very wrong.

NZDSOS have written numerous letters to police, politicians, coroners and other authorities, requesting an investigation. Their requests continue to be persistently ignored and NZDSOS, a group of hundreds including medical generalists, medical specialists, scientists and public health professionals, continue to be attacked as “fringe”. They stand with other “fringe” professionals against what appears quite clearly, to be a criminal cartel who need anyone not supporting their bizarre demands on society, to be silenced.

Australia is full of “mainstream scientists” following along with this. Is their narcissism more important than the fundamental rights of everyone else? Meet Professor Deborah Lupton, a sociologist at UNSW who wants the world to believe that three of the world’s most esteemed infectious disease epidemiologists who met at their own expense in October 2020 to write a very standard public health declaration, did so with “dark money”. As per standard strategy, what she accuses others of is apparently a deflection of reality…

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