Positions Vacant

Disability claims to life insurance companies in the USA workforce age have increased by around 1.7 million from early 2021 to late 2022. This is around 1.7% of the 100 million workforce population, which is an enormous loss to population health and to the economy. The rise has increased simultaneously with the increase of Covid-19 vaccines taken. This is taken from the Humanity Project at Phinance Technologies and interviews with analyst Edward Dowd.

Most people end up as a number on a graph somewhere if they are counted (eg many workers don’t have life insurance and so are not included on the above graph). Very few make their way to public attention as a human story. Even fewer in the age of censorship that we now live in. Six air crew who died in November and December 2022 feature here.

Brianne Dressen was injured in an Astra Zeneca trial in early 2021. She has been a spokesperson for the many thousands like her, living in pain and debilitation, ignored by authorities and often ending their own lives. She describes her experience in the below short piece and gave this detailed interview with Robert F Kennedy Jr a year ago.

New Zealand actor Barry Duffield tells a similar story. So far six people have contributed to his appeal for medical assistance. If his experience was known, there is no way New Zealanders would abandon him like this. This is a very strong signal that something very ugly is in progress.

Censorship? WHO would do that?

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