Exposing WHO

Expose the WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) is attempting a global coup by amending existing international law. The discussion around these amendments is taking place behind closed doors in secret meetings between unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats this week.

As part of the WHO, member states must comply with and abide by previously established International Health Regulations (IHR) set forth by the global health regime. These regulations currently have protections in place that protect and respect the sovereignty of nations and individual citizens’ rights and freedoms.

In light of the COVID-19 “global pandemic,” the WHO believes that its mandate should be strengthened. To achieve this, they are proposing sweeping changes to the IHR through backdoor discussions and secret “face-to-face meetings in Geneva from January 9-13 2023.

The implications of these amendments are broad and far-reaching.

Amendments could mean an expansion of power for the WHO through global health governance and erosion of national sovereignty for member states.

If you do not want your unelected health overlords to bypass democratic due process and hand over power to the diktats of the WHO, then sign our petition to have your voice heard.

You can also sign our petition demanding our leaders not enter into any WHO-coordinated pandemic treaty right here.

Two New Zealanders are involved in this process: recently departed Director-General of Health, Ashley Bloomfield and 25 year Ministry of Health bureaucrat, Andrew Forsyth.

At this point, leaving the WHO seems like a logical and reasonable step for any nation that does not want to follow the WHO’s proven track record of causing grotesque harm while promoting very little actual health“. ~ Tamara Ugolini

Researcher James Roguski has an in-depth understanding of what these international regulation amendments mean for citizens across the world. His main point in the below interview with Tamara Ugolini is that this is a global coup, in which current recommendations by WHO will become legally binding international law, removing all democratic rights and freedoms.

If a global health certificate (digital ID) can be enforced, connecting all medical data, financial data, online activity and physical movements, then totalitarian control is established as compliance with centralised edicts will connect to your right or otherwise, to access finances, travel, make purchases, etc. This is already in place in parts of China. Financial expert Melissa Ciummei explains what is being planned in this half hour interview with Sara Haboubi.

In order to bring in a Central Bank Digital Currency you need a digital ID. In order to bring in a digital ID, you need these passports. That will all be combined with a social credit system and a carbon credit system … The end game is totalitarian control via a social credit system similar to China and involving Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC).” ~ Melissa Ciummei

This chart shows that the World Bank and World Health Organisation are both specialised agencies under a larger umbrella which is deeply involved with these plans. Whistleblowers have been alerting us to concerns about the Sustainable Development Goals and their actual intent for years. A good article on this at this September 2022 article.

The general public are not aware of the WHO meetings happening this week, or that their own bureaucrats are involved. Those who are aware have no access to discussions taking place at the top-secret meetings.

Read more at James Roguski’s substack, most recently Secret Meetings…

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