Reasons That Few Doctors Speak Out

These doctors in California (Erickson and Massihi) were absolutely pummelled after this interview in April 2020. Everything they said was basic, informed common sense. I often think they seem like deer in headlights because they can’t quite comprehend the hysteria going on.

Since then, the pummeling of doctors speaking out about medicine and public health has been a military grade affair with jobs lost, licenses revoked, arrests and demands for psychiatric evaluation made, and reputations torn to pieces in the most public of ways. At the other end of the spectrum, doctors agreeing to comply have received unprecedented financial incentives to ensure a Covid-19 focus pervades all health services. This has helped to establish an industry involving exorbitant use of products from masks and home kit tests, to various drug products. None of which involve the practice of evidence based medicine or public health, but all of which are associated with extremely lucrative profits.

Meanwhile when you google “the most powerful doctor”, the top findings are someone who does not have a university level education let alone a medical degree, but does have unparalleled financial investments in and influence over, the pharmaceutical industry.

The below video is a brief clip from a longer interview with Dr Thomas Binder. A cardiologist with a PhD in immunology/virology, who has no psychiatric history, Dr Binder describes what happened to him in Switzerland in April 2020 when he simply wrote about the subject he is trained to speak and write about. As a European he recognises that the actions taken against him have historical precedent in Soviet Russia and Eastern Germany.

Dr Ryan Cole, a pathologist with PhD level training in immunology and virology, speaks here in a clip taken from the longer December 2022 Doctors 4 Covid Ethics symposium (at around 4h5m). He describes how his multi million dollar business was slowly dismantled as a direct consequence of daring to speak against the established narrative. The longer interview is here.

The past three terrible years have been dominated by claims of Covid-19 being a vaccine preventable disease. This video shows how the product performed against the disease.

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