Protocol for Vaccine Injury and a Letter to New Zealand Authorities

Below is an excellent 9 minute compilation from the most recent inquiry in Washington DC, USA. The full 3 hour inquiry is available here, or a 40 minute highlights compilation here.

There are a few different protocols available relating to Covid-19 vaccine injury. Medical staff still working within the system are not being told that the spike protein is the toxin causing most of the problems being seen, and are not trained to know how to deal with it. Also, because it is such a new syndrome with so many differing presentations, knowledge is still evolving.

One of the best medical collaborations is the Frontline Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC). Their protocol and the clinical supporting documentation are available at i-Recover: Post-Vaccine Treatment Protocol.

Another very good protocol is at Truth For Health.

Both of the above also have effective treatment guides for Covid and Long Haul Covid Syndrome. They are both organisations started by doctors eminent in their fields. In treating Covid patients they recognised a problem with the official response and have stepped up to the plate, often at enormous personal risk and expense, in order to protect and help their patients.

In May 2022 this letter was sent to the Governor General of New Zealand and the Rear-Admiral of the Royal New Zealand Navy. No response has been received.

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