Who is Leana Wen?

As CNN’s “medical expert” she is very likely a beneficiary of Pfizer or another pharmaceutical company. A World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, she has held court on US television with international influence during the pandemic, constantly promoting authoritarian views relating to maximising industry product use. This puts her in a powerful position when the changes to WHO’s powers come into play later this year, as their “recommendations” for various mandates, from staying home to wearing masks to taking injected experimental products will become “legally binding” in every nation.

Catherine Austin-Fitts offers solutions we can all contribute towards. “People will really fight for their children. And that’s what we’re seeing. If you look quietly, there’s a quiet revolution going on“.

Over the past three years Wen pushed lockdowns; claimed that schools could only be safe if children were vaccinated and tested daily; pushed mask mandates; and equated “the unvaccinated” going out in public with drunk drivers. None of her claims are backed by evidence of any sort, but that doesn’t matter when you’re on the payroll of the world’s most criminal corporation and the only view that anyone is going to hear on mainstream media.

Very early in the pandemic many people tried to speak out against the testing regime being used for Covid-19. No infectious disease in history has ever required testing of whole populations regardless of symptoms or risk. Screening tests have never been promoted as diagnostic tests before. Skilled personnel (doctors) have never been removed from the diagnostic process before. And the scientific fraud underpinning the Drosten PCR protocol was quickly identified by multiple scientists.

Since the beginning of the pandemic it has been obvious that covid death counts had replaced all other causes of death. Documented heart disease and cancer deaths plummeted as covid replaced them and overall there was nothing in the numbers to suggest a pandemic (until the vaccine rollout began). The deceased deserved better than to be used in this way to put fear into those they left behind.

Meanwhile, Wen has started to dull-down her totalitarian recommendations. The reasons could be nefarious given the ongoing rollout of globalist agendas. She appears to have organised herself a seat at the table, establishing her role as someone happy to enforce the so-called “social contract” that we’re being signed up to in secret meetings in Switzerland (last week at WHO in Geneva; this week at WEF in Davos).

Below is a clip from 2022 documentary The Shadow State, explaining some of what is evolving.

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