Analysis of a Grand Deception

Dr Naomi Wolf: Analysis of a Grand Deception

Dr Wolf outlines the lies that were told and how they were presented to the world as truths. She explains who would do that to their own citizens and why.

Her tech company now employs thousands of volunteers ranging from biostatisticians and medical fraud investigators, to research scientists, clinicians, professors, data scientists and more, to analyse the raw data in the Pfizer trial documents, which were released by court order. Dr Wolf is Jewish. Her grandmother lost 9 siblings in the Holocaust. She calls this fraud “the greatest crime against humanity, probably since the Second World War“. Pfizer knew from their trials, of the massive harms of these medical products and they hid the information from the public. Dr Wolf outlines some of the health outcomes of people harmed during the trials.

This is information that once would have been headlined across media outlets. Today it is strictly censored in a coordinated attempt to silence anything that alerts the public to corruption practiced by officials within governments and the private profiteers that they collaborate with. Health experts dissenting from the public-private cartel’s narrative today are some of the most silenced professionals in history.

The question time at the end of this presentation includes questions about the World Economic Forum, who meet in secret but speak openly about loss of privacy and freedom, surveillance under the skin, and owning nothing. Dr Wolf confirms the lack of accountability from these supranational and mostly unelected powers, who need to be identified and prosecuted. And that the people need to refuse to go along with what is happening.

Rebel News have sent a team of seven journalists, videographers and producers to Davos during the week of the World Economic Forum annual meeting. They are working off the smell of an oily rag, trying to hold multi-billionaires to account.

Mainstream media are invited guests, and privvy to conference proceedings on condition of reporting favourably. In what appears to be a practice run for how they intend to run the world, conference attendees are required to wear ID which is categorised and coded according to the individual’s status, allowing entry into the venue via QR code.

Independent media outlets are kept outside the cordoned off conference area, but have been identifying people of interest and attempting to speak with them as they walk to and from the venue. Yesterday Ezra Levant and Avi Yemeni approached Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer. They got nowhere but I suspect the man is rattled.

Tony Blair is in Davos and openly advocating for the imposition of global digital ID infrastructure. He also attempted to impose a (failed) national ID system in the UK during the late 1990s “to keep the people safe”. In Davos this week he says digital ID is needed to “improve health care”. Last year his Institute for Global Change, in receipt of Gates Foundation money, wrote a report claiming digital IDs would help to solve illegal immigration. He also gave an interview stating every citizen should have a digital ID so that the “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” could be distinguished from each other, allowing the “vaccinated” certain movement rights. The year prior he said in an interview that digital ID would “facilitate access to government services”. They’re practicing an expensive biometric ID system on Myanmar refugees, who I’m sure are terribly grateful.

On the streets of Davos Blair is flanked by body guards and refuses to engage with journalists speaking on behalf of those he wishes to surveil and control.

Another excellent independent media outlet reporting from WEF is True North. Reporting here on the climate change narrative, another lucrative industry in which digital IDs will ensure that the lower classes comply with orders from above.

Noah Yuval Harari explains the digital control grid that his institution are attempting to impose here:

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