Reaching New Lows: A Historical Warning

Angelia Desselle’s story is below. She has been the target of dehumanising attacks from people who have no idea of her situation, claiming that she is “faking it”.

This is extremely common. Speaking to vaccine injured regularly, I have learned that the biggest deniers are their own health care providers. Doctors don’t know how to diagnose or treat what they are seeing, and so they resort to incorrect judgements. There are useful protocols that would normally be known and used to guide treatment, but in the environment we now face, of excessive censorship feeding a pharmaceutical profit-making paradigm, many health professionals have no idea. In New Zealand for example, Health Helpline offers evidence based care for people with covid, long covid and covid vaccine injury, all of which have similar pathology.

As outlined by Del Bigtree, genocide occurs in stages and the experience Angelia and others like her endure, fit with Stage 4: dehumanisation. It is interesting to note that, as someone who has held a key role in pushing these harms, Klaus Schwab is the son of a Nazi with a dark history. Although Del Bigtree points out that in fact the World Economic Forum is really just a bunch of morons.

Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav has made a five part docuseries being released in a few days: Never Again is Now Global. She gave this interview with Del Bigtree on the latest episode of The Highwire.

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