Scholars of Humanity and Courage

The Childrens Health Defense Europe website has a range of useful resources which can assist in understanding current events. They sponsored this press conference on Sunday 23 January, which featured the following speakers. Dr Mary Holland, Harvard and Columbia trained lawyer, of the Legal Advisory Committee at Childrens Health Defense, outlines the legal actions being … More Scholars of Humanity and Courage

Those Who Know Tyranny Don’t Support It

Those who have experienced tyranny seem to share an awareness that those of us living protected, somewhat ignorant lives, remain oblivious to. Tyranny is establishing with a combination of passive acceptance courtesy of our oblivion and active support courtesy of the fear we are told daily to maintain. Warning bells are ringing. We ignore them … More Those Who Know Tyranny Don’t Support It

A Veneer of Medical Legitemacy

Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav gave a ball-of-fire testimony to the Corona Ausschuss a couple of days ago, in English. Today’s public health establishment are working under political forces in a climate of extortionate profits and power. Whilst 150 million people are being pushed into extreme poverty America’s billionairres alone in the past year increased their … More A Veneer of Medical Legitemacy