Is “Your Choice” One of the Nastiest Phrases in Our Vocabulary Now?

Esther Rantzen appears in this 5 minute video (short clip below), talking about her ideas for health care. This medley of public opinion is a frightening insight into where society can go when encouraged by a powerful industry in control of global information.

I wonder if charitable Esther might have made a different “choice” had she been a bit more open minded?

After 44 year old Princess Bajrakitiyabha of Thailand lost consciousness during a run with what was initially reported as a stroke, 23 days after her third Covid-19 inoculation, Thai authorities have been in consultation with Professor Sucharit Bhakdi. Below is a brief clip from the full 45 minute interview between Professor Bhakdi and Pascal Najadi, a Swiss financier who has filed criminal charges against Switzerland’s President, Alain Berset, after learning how harmful the inoculations he received are known to be.

Bhakdi has informed Thai authorities that the princess, who remains in a coma, is very likely a victim of these harmful inoculations. This is the first government to make plans to declare their contracts with Pfizer null and void. Professor Bhakdi is a world-leader in his field of microbiology/virology and one of the first people to speak out against the pandemic response. In 2020 he warned that athletes taking this inoculation would “drop like flies“. He has been persistent in his work with Doctors 4 Covid Ethics, attempting to alert the public of the multi-pronged attack taking place globally, against a tide of unprecedented and intense censorship and information control.

These stories are in their many thousands now. Some simply tried to do what they were told was right and would protect them / their loved ones. Others behaved like fascists towards those who had sought more and/or independent information. Despite that, none of them deserve these fates.

The masses are awakening. London’s Truth Be Told rally was attended by many thousands last week: courtesy of Oracle Films. It seems the tide is turning.

3 thoughts on “Is “Your Choice” One of the Nastiest Phrases in Our Vocabulary Now?

  1. I also was shocked by Esther Rantzens remark. Incredible in light of her stirling charity work. First I put it down to age, but later I decided this was a sign of how the fear-propaganda had worked. Many people really did believe what the govts were telling them, and honestly scared, and panicked, really believed the unvaxxed were Typhoid Mary’s. A position the MSM supported and promoted with glee. Meanwhile the politicians promoting this garbage were ignoring all the restrictions themselves. Brazenly, blatantly and shamelessly. Well at least we now know the kind of people in charge.

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