We Are All Jews Now

Never Again is Now Global“. These were the words of Romanian/Jewish Holocaust survivor, human rights activist and filmmaker Vera Sharav, speaking at the 75th anniversary event of the Nuremberg Code, in Nuremberg in August 2022. She speaks eloquently of the planned global horrors playing out, and rallies the human family to resist.

Resist what? Orders from powerful political-corporate collaborations to accept experimental medical and other allegedly “life saving”, “planet saving” interventions which always involve surrendering your rights to move, to have an opinion, to speak your opinion, to own property and assets, to be recognised and heard, and to behave as a free and sovereign human. The path to this surrender involves digital identification connected to central bank digital currencies. Once these are established, your money will be programmable and able to be controlled by a central authority who can switch it on or off depending on your obedience to their diktats. Now is the time to disobey, so that the system cannot be implemented.

Vera has since co-produced the docu-series “Never Again is Now Global“. I shared Episode One a few days ago. The full series is now available.

Part 1: Here We Go Again On Steroids. Multiple survivors / descendants of Holocaust survivors, who all recognise the signs, discuss their family experiences and how they compare to what is happening today.

Part 2: Anyone Who Wants to Start a War Has to Lie. We have been lied to. Repeatedly. The signs are well recognised by those who already lived through, or who grew up hearing about the experience, of the Holocaust.

Part 3: Breaking the Veil of the Real Conspirators. Klaus Schwab calls it “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Those who know the signs suggest it’s the Fourth Reich. Dr Vladimir Zelenko talks at length of his family’s experiences during the Holocaust including who survived and who didn’t, as well as his experiences during the pandemic when nothing made sense.

Part 4: This Time Around We’re All Jews. The history of eugenics, including the connection of eugenic societies and leaders to the modern day pharmaceutical industry, are shown. Industry insiders discuss evidence of what is wrong with what is happening today.

Part 5: Never Give In, Never Give Up. Those who know the signs are resisting. People talk of their experiences, including extreme suffering and loss, and their surprise that so many comply, and even agree with, an evil agenda. “You don’t have to be evil, to do evil“. Historical connections between high level politicians, intelligence services, Nazi officials, wealthy investors and industrialists, centralised powers such as the UN and WHO, and academic institutions are outlined and linked to events of today. “It is time to call for a halt to [the vaccine rollout]. To call for an investigation. To resist. To be civil disobedient. Be peaceful but do not obey“.

As with the Nazis, “Absolutely no deviation from the official line is allowed … the internet has facilitated hundreds of sources that carry credible scientists who are telling us what the data shows, and who are not hiding it. You cannot expect those who are paid to lie to let the truth out … It is only those who are not on the payroll of government, tech, pharma, the banking system … it is only those who are independent, many of whom have been deplatformed … This time, if we walk into the concentration camps they have planned for us, there will be no rescuers …“.

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