Stopping the Fence from Snapping into Place

Across the globe communities have been terrorised in the name of “safety”. This project between Collateral Global and Senegalese journalist Mamadou Ndiaye shows the experience as it happened in Senegal.

Layah Heilpern links this breakdown in societies everywhere to the plans underway for Central Bank Digital Currencies, which most banks are putting steps in place to implement now. “If they can lock you in your home. If they can take away your job if you don’t want to put something in your body. Then they are coming for your money. If you don’t have freedom over your money, then you don’t have freedom to do anything“.

Catherine Austin-Fitts has dedicated the last three years to spreading her words of warning about what is underway and how to protect our right to transact freely. “One choice is to do nothing, and it leads to a very dark place. The other choice is to choose freedom … I chose freedom in 1998 when I walked out of the establishment … The wealth potential of freedom is so mind boggling … words cannot express to you how expensive, and how destructive tyranny is… There is no economic reason for poverty. Central control is expensive and it is destroying our civilisation, and it is destroying wealth … What is it about ‘it’s 2030 and you own nothing’ that you don’t understand?“.

The documentary Catherine refers to, State of Control.

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