Unity Will Save Our Communities

Some days I feel completely helpless that this dystopia will never end. But then I find the latest collaboration and realise that I belong to a growing movement who are not going to lose this fight because good, intelligence and ethics ultimately always holds out over criminality, corruption and evil.

A global health conference was held in Stockholm at the end of January: Pandemic Strategies, Lessons and Consequences. Some of the presentations and discussions have been released by Oracle Films. This event features intelligent career professionals whose life paths were never expected to have to stand up with such courage and conviction. Yet they make it look effortless.

Dr Aseem Malhotra, cardiologist: Tackling the Health Misinformation Mess Through Real Evidence Based Medicine.
– Medical professionals and the public are vulnerable to exploitation by political and commercial interests;
– Covid-19 vaccines have the worst safety profile and worst efficacy, but are the most profitable pharmaceutical product in the history of medicine; up to 86% of regulator funding comes from the pharmaceutical industry;
– “Anything and everything” that can go wrong with the heart is associated with these “vaccines”;
– Most of the top ten drug companies have been guilty of committing fraud; the largest criminal fine ever paid was by Pfizer; Institutional Corruption of Pharmaceuticals and the Myth of Safe and Effective Drugs;
– Motivations in academia for engaging in or complying with fraud/corruption include money, prestige, power and tenure;
– Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are heavily invested in McDonalds, Coca Cola and pharmaceutical industry stocks, and are the second biggest contributor to World Health Organisation, which comes with strings attached; WHO are no longer independent;
– The general population have no idea what’s happening and they don’t know that they don’t know;
– For those going against the industry’s narrative, it is not safe to speak. But it’s even less safe to not speak!

Dr Robert Malone, vaccinologist and mRNA platform pioneer: Fifth Generation Warfare and Sovereignty.
– Military and intelligence communities have deployed 5th generation warfare on the entire western world;
– The history of 5th Generation Warfare, tested in 2008 Arab Spring as a new form of combat;
– Public-private partnerships between big industry and government (fascism) have coordinated a historical propaganda campaign using military grade psychological operations, against their own citizens;
– We are lied to about almost everything, as a way to control our understanding of the world and therefore our response/behaviour;
– Ethical boundaries and all sense of justice have been abandoned;
– It is intended that we will surrender our sovereignty and liberty to centralised control;
– Ways to respond include learning about OODA Loop; Milgram and Asch Experiments; Lock Step; Five Eyes Alliance; the Overton Window and how it is manipulated; the Dunning-Kruger Effect; Bad-Jacketing;
– If we understand the techniques being used against us, we can use them to empower ourselves.

Dr Meryl Nass, physician and biowarfare expert: Medicine, Censorship and the World Health Organisation.
Dr Nass details four separate parts to the international coup being carried out against humanity by a small but powerful group of oligarchs implementing control over:
– Doctors and medical industries;
– Information through censorship and propaganda;
– Money through printing, spending and digitising currencies;
– Multinational organisations and treaties, the current most obvious example being WHO.

Sasha Latypova, pharmaceutical executive and pandemic researcher: Covid-19 Countermeasures: Evidence for an Intent to Harm. She covers:
– An obvious absence of good manufacturing processes (GMP) from the Covid-19 “vaccine” products;
– The resulting harms caused by these products, as shown in the data;
– Patterns of harm linked to specific product batch numbers;
– The absence of appropriate response from regulators and/or courts anywhere despite alerts from hundreds of data analysts;
– Legal research by Katherine Watt showing a government-pharma-military criminal cartel operative;
– Covid was declared a pandemic based on 40 cases across 8 billion people in the world;
– Difference between products defined as “countermeasures” and those defined as “pharmaceuticals”;
– Evidence and reasons that the pandemic response was coordinated by the Dept of Defense instead of any health departments.

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