Only Truth Integrates From This Many Sources

I have shared Grace Schara’s story before (The Fight for Grace). It shows how once you make people afraid, they are capable of terrible things.

Grace’s father experienced the cruelty of losing his daughter unnecessarily, to people following orders without reflection. He spoke with Vera Sharav in a two part interview last September. Vera survived the Holocaust as a child and has been a human rights advocate throughout her life. Their compared experiences are an example of learning from history in order to avoid tragedy from repeating. Many are ignoring history, allowing it to repeat. Until they awaken, we are all in trouble.

Covid Lessons from the Holocaust, Part 1: Scott Schara and Vera Sharav with Rebecca Terrell

Groupthink Established Nazi Rule Then, Enables Covid Tyranny Now, Part 2: Scott Schara and Vera Sharav with Rebecca Terrell on The New American.

These two interviews are only 20 minutes each but they are incredibly informative, albeit disturbing information. At the end of the second interview, Scott references his website, created in honour of Grace, and in particular the section “Holocaust Connection” which features a table showing around 50 comparisons between what happened in the lead up, and during, the Holocaust, and what is happening now.

They discuss the American version of what also happened in the UK with the use of Midazolam, an injectable end-of-life drug. As early as July 2020, Clare Wills spoke out on behalf of nursing home residents she represents as a lawyer. She was labelled a “conspiracy theorist”. Matt Hancock, who appears to have coordinated this mass crime, isn’t just a free man. He holds court on television reality shows and “news” interviews.

Another relevant video worth watching is Dr Robert Malone’s presentation on Fifth Generation Warfare at last month’s international conference in Stockholm: Pandemic Strategies: Lessons and Consequences. You don’t know who your enemy is, and in fact you don’t even know that you have an enemy.

If so many people are wrong and merely “conspiracy theorists”, how does the array of information they share, from patients to health professionals to pharmaceutical whistleblowers, lawyers and data analysts across the globe, all integrate so well?

Lies don’t integrate. Only truth integrates.

So many wise quotes:

[When her sister, attending as Grace’s advocate, needed a shower, she was told she would have to leave the hospital] …

She was gone for an hour. In that hour, they strapped Grace down to the bed, made her go to the bathroom in the bed. She started the day in great shape! … They increased the dose of Precedex, that she’d already been on for 4 full days when the package insert says no more than 24 hours [a sedative which, if used beyond 24 hours, risks acute respiratory distress syndrome]. They increased it to 14 times the original dose. So that was enough to take Grace out ..

The first cause of death on Grace’s death certificate is acute respiratory failure. The second cause is Covid-19 pneumonia so that they could get the government bonus. But what really took her out was Precedex combined with two doses of Lorazepam and Morphine as an IV push, in a 29 minute window … But that wasn’t enough. When Jessica called us panicking, that Grace’s numbers were dropping like crazy, she had us on a Facetime call, my wife Cindy and I. We screamed for the nurses to save our daughter. They refused. They hollered back “she’s DNR, do not resuscitate”. The doctor had put an illegal DNR order on Grace’s life 8 minutes after this Precedex was increased to 14 times the dose three days earlier …

In perspective, her death … The doctor’s report … He wrote a couple of different things that are mind blowing. One, “the family followed the FLCCC‘s misinformation campaign and placed her on ivermectin, vitamins and all that stuff”. Then he wrote “unfortunately I think the patient probably would not be here if she was fully vaccinated”. On this first day he referenced Grace not being vaccinated twice, he referenced that we’re christian twice, he referenced that we’re following the FLCCC doctors misinformation campaign twice, and he referenced that Grace had Down Syndrome three different times”.

Scott Schara, father of Grace

It began in March 2020. When governments gave orders to hospitals. And this is all over Western Europe, Canada, Australia and numerous states in the United States. Do not treat the elderly. Send them to nursing homes. It was a slaughter. It was pre-meditated murder.

In my own state, then-governor Andrew Cuomo, before he gave the order he predicted “this virus in a nursing home will be like fire in dry grass”. Then he gave the order. But before he gave the order, he gave total immunity to the hospitals and nursing homes. This is evidence of pre-meditated murder. He knew what would happen and he did it anyway. So did other governors and other heads of state. In UK, Germany, Switzerland. All over.

There is testimony from nurses and doctors at those hospitals, as it was happening, who were just beside themselves. The last time that happened. Medical murder. Was under the Nazis. And it was called the T4 Program. It was directed, first of all, infants. German infants and young children under the age of 3. They were disabled. Imperfect. Then came children of all ages. Then the mentally ill. And then the nursing home residents. They called all these people “worthless eaters. An economic burden”.

An economic burden was how, in 2020, western countries, government officials, saw the disabled and the elderly. An economic burden which they now had an opportunity to get rid of. That’s why the ventilators were in such high use. They did not need ventilators. Those ventilators were killing machines.

Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor

What people are not aware of, is that the elderly and the disabled account for 39% of the federal annual budget. That’s $2.2 trillion. Our annual budget is $5 trillion. In the first 22 months of covid, our government spent $4 trillion, 80% of our annual budget, in the form of hospital bonuses, to kill patients … [If the covid patient gets better and leaves the hospital, they don’t get a bonus] …

Scott Schara

The Nazis did not start the annihilation, the genocide, immediately. They tested out how people would react to different infringements. On civil liberties, freedom, freedom of speech. They wanted to see, is there a reaction? And when there wasn’t, when people simply looked the other way because it didn’t yet affect them, they went to the next step. Then the next. And the next. That’s how it grew. The evil round-up really affecting the entire society, where they could no longer think for themselves …

Vera Sharav

[Today] they use euphemisms just as the Nazis did. When the Nazis took away children to murder them, they told the parents that they were going to get ‘special treatment to improve their health’. The evil is in even the language. Because you say one thing but you mean the exact opposite. And this is happening now. We are told these vaccines are safe and effective. They haven’t been tested for safe and effective. Nobody knows what’s in the vials and you’re not allowed to find out. How’s that? Everything is secret under Department of Defense. Why the heck is public health under the Defense Department?!

Vera Sharav

In Nazi Germany … the Jewish leaders are the ones who led the Jews to the gas chambers. Well that same thing is happening with pastors today. 75,000 pastors have been trained by FEMA to take their congregations and put them into camps in the case of a government emergency …

Scott Schara

When the message is “people are the problem”, like for instance, any type of over-population message, or “you’re a typhoid mary, you’re spreading covid all around” … When the message is “people are the problem”, then you know the message is demonic in origin. That’s the way to differentiate, should I follow this or not…

Rebecca Terrell

If you defer to the authorities and things go wrong for you, your family, guess what? YOU suffer the consequences and they walk away. They bear no accountability whatsoever. They’re protected. The whole bureaucracy protects them …

Vera Sharav

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