Are the World’s Best Health Systems Incentivising Harm?

It seems as though that is exactly what is happening. The Midazolam scandal in the UK is a huge cover-up which has been largely hidden from the public. Lawyer and journalist Maajid Nawaz has covered the story extensively here, here, here and here. NZDSOS, 9 November 2022 : From Functional Machine to Destructive Beast: Has … More Are the World’s Best Health Systems Incentivising Harm?

Can We Talk About It?

Since mid-2020 when the frailest of society were left to languish without the human contact that their survival relies upon, I have had an image of powerful criminals with a heartless agenda sitting in mansions, laughing. Gleeful at their escalating personal wealth and power as people who should have known better but blinded by the … More Can We Talk About It?

Galerie des Grauens

They were in the same Care Home, but not allowed to see each other. Lawyer Clare Wills was warning about horrific problems in UK Care Homes from at least mid-2020, largely due to lockdown which resulted in staff shortages; punishing isolation of vulnerable people reliant on social contact and routine; GPs diagnosing and prescribing drugs … More Galerie des Grauens

Rule By Racketeer

Clare Wills-Harrison is a Secession lawyer in the UK. She has spoken out publicly of her experiences working with elderly and dying clients during the Covid-19 pandemic (for example in July 2020 and December 2021). Most recently I heard her interviewed by Dr Bryan Ardis, on her findings related to the use of Benzodiazepine (Midazolam) … More Rule By Racketeer