It’s Coming From Inside the House

Every representative has the power to stop this.

It is hard to keep up with all of the information revealing itself about what has happened, is happening, and is being planned. Those who know this is playing out must speak out to stop it. Unfortunately many are unable to listen, be it out of fear, conviction that governments are altruistic and caring, belief that mainstream media are an information source, conviction that you’re a “conspiracy theorist“, belief that because they’ve always had a comfortable existence, that comfort cannot possibly be under threat, or simply because they don’t mind supporting an evil regime. These are not the people to focus information-sharing efforts upon.

Katherine Watt (para-legal, writes at Bailiwick News) and Sasha Latypova (ex-pharmaceutical executive, writes at Due Diligence and Art) have each done extensive research into the contractual details between US government departments and pharmaceutical manufacturers. What they have found is deeply concerning. The same can be said for the Pfizer Data Analysis teams at Daily Clout, being reported on by Dr Naomi Wolf.

Similar contracts to those they describe relating to the USA appear to be in place across Europe and other western nations. What Sasha Latypova describes in this interview (starts at 9 minutes) is the definition of fascism: governing authorities married up to corporate organisations for a public-private partnership which sees citizens as consumers without choice or rights. It is rolling out on a global scale. To keep populations unaware and compliant, psychological warfare has been deployed.

First Generation Warfare is small-scale physical war as fought in ancient times, when battles occurred distant from civilian populations and used primitive weapons such as spears and swords. Second Generation Warfare uses long-range weapons such as gunpowder, and whilst armies battle each other, they can also hit civilians. Third Generation Warfare involves air and sea battles which are much more likely to harm civilians. Fourth Generation Warfare combines conventional war methods with psychological, religious, economic, political and propaganda methods to create confusion. Fifth Generation Warfare, described at this article, is a ‘hybrid’ war which can use all methods but entails mainly propaganda, information control, censorship and psychological manipulation. Citizens are the target of Fifth Generation Warfare, and they (initially at least) don’t know who the enemy is, or even that they have an enemy or are at war with one. The methods are covert and an essential element is to have people comply with harmful interventions by maintaining confusion and belief that something causing harm is beneficial. This 50 second video illustrates a fifth generation warfare technique in motion.

Public health luminaries convened in Sweden in January for a conference, Pandemic Strategies: Lessons and Consequences. The most recent presentation I’ve watched is from UN/WHO whistleblower, Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, From Biology to Population, which covered global policy, WHO international health regulations and epidemiological analysis. Her career has been as a consultant to WHO, including teaching the international health regulations to students of public health at the University of Geneva. She very bravely brought up the topic of “nanotech” in the vaccine, which is wrought with controversy and accusations aimed at very serious scientists, of “conspiracy theory”. This is weaponised language without actual meaning, and merely used to discredit people so that we don’t need to listen to them. A very dangerous behaviour, as it turns out.

Dr Stuckelberger explains the UN system, beginning with the example of airlines and how rules were so effectively imposed including the mass grounding of all commercial aircraft, followed by all airlines enforcing compulsory masking, compulsory vaccinations, compulsory digital IDs etc. She explains the powerful people at the top of the various UN agencies and their close ties to the corporate world. Those in control “scared people to death” of what was obvious from the beginning, essentially a common influenza-like-illness. She showed evidence from Professor Didier Raoult, infectious disease physician and microbiologist, that case numbers directly followed testing numbers: “it’s a pandemic of tests”.

Another conference in Canada took place at around the same time. Dr Byram Bridle, viral immunologist and vaccinologist, gave this presentation on Pfizer’s own trial data. Public office “experts” have been invited – repeatedly – to debate the independent scientists opposing the political narrative. They persistently ignore all offers. Dr Bridle gives a powerful retort.

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