I’ve Always Been a Conspiracy Theorist

Kathy Feenan describes her experience here of losing her mother to a Covid-19 inoculation. Just another conspiracy theorist believing the wrong information, no doubt. “Death is not considered a harm“.

The most recent “bivalent” vaccines approved by governments were tested on eight mice (see slides 25-26 here). “These regulatory agencies have neglected to inform the public that no human studies were done before the approval of the new “updated boosters” and that the clinical study referenced included only eight mice. This is both unprecedented and reckless.

Concerns with the manufacturing processes of Covid-19 so-called “vaccines” are extreme, as outlined by Dr Maria Gutschi in this recent presentation. “Dr Gutschi is a pharmacotherapeutic specialist with extensive experience in evidence based medicine, critical care, antimicrobial therapy and mentoring and teaching pharmaceutical care. She has been involved in pharmaceutical drug assessment and formulary management and the preparation of educational materials and research reports for the Canadian Pharmacist Association and for regulatory agencies. She has been employed as a scientific officer for the Patented Medicines Prices Review Board in Canada and as a clinical pharmacist for the Canadian Forces Health Service Centre and as a pharmacy consultant for small hospitals to meet multiple accreditation standards“. Is she a conspiracy theorist?

Dr Carlton Brown is a New Zealand vaccinologist specialised in researching vaccines for mutating viruses and raising awareness for antibody-dependent enhancement of virus infection (ADE), vaccine-associated enhanced disease (VAED), and antigenic imprinting. He wrote this letter to the government of New Zealand in December 2022 sharing scientific detail of concerns about the Covid-19 vaccines and has been steadfastly ignored. Meanwhile New Zealanders are led to believe that they only have one vaccinologist worth listening to. Who happens to be tied up with Pfizer and Gates Foundation.

She also appears to possibly be representing New Zealand at the World Health Organisation International Negotiating Body, although it appears all names are being kept from public knowledge. This was a screenshot taken from proceedings at last week’s meetings.

This International Negotiating Body are working towards introducing a new global treaty to give WHO powers over every nation state with relation to pandemic responses, including pre-pandemic, pandemic, post-pandemic and inter-pandemic times. They are also making significant changes to the existing International Health Regulations, such as the following few examples of at least 300 recommended changes. Read more here and here.

Dr Robert Clancy, Australian clinical mucosal immunologist, spoke with Dr Jessica Rose, immunologist/statistician, here. A brief clip from their discussion is below, in which Dr Clancy explains the concerns about spike protein injected compared to spike protein inhaled. “I can’t understand what on earth is going on“.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Always Been a Conspiracy Theorist

    1. Yes, but only according to Pfizer’s own data. You won’t hear it anywhere else unless you dare to listen to the “conspiracy theorists” who “don’t know what they’re doing”.


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