A Call to the Moral Lifeboat

Senator Alex Antic: “stand in the shoes of those who have lost their house, lost their business, lost their life savings.

He omitted to mention those who have lost their health and lost their life, but he advocates for them persistently. He rightly observes that the “tin foil hat wearers” have very often been those with intimate knowledge of the experience of communism and fascism.

During the 2.5 years that I lived in a communist country much of my time was spent trying to understand how and why such suffering could exist, let alone be sustained through generations. I concluded long before covid that we are all vulnerable to the ignorance, disregard, cruelty and greed of others; that as long as certain systems remain in place, it is impossible to move out of poverty; and even the world’s richest are at risk of poverty with minimal alterations to the systems which determine our place on the socio-economic ladder. I also recognised that those living in privilege don’t see their own vulnerability, nor their own arrogance. At no time was this made more obvious than during lockdown, cheered on by the “laptop class” whilst the unwashed masses suffered immense harms and indignity.

Dr Pierre Kory spoke articulately of his experiences in both Sweden (at the Pandemic Strategies Lessons and Consequences conference) and then in Australia on a speaking tour with Dr Peter McCullough and author John Leask, at the FLCCC weekly webinar on 22 February. He was very impressed by Queensland GP Dr Melissa McCann, who identified quickly that people were suffering extreme harms associated with the Covid-19 vaccinations. When she tried to inform the regulatory authority, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), she learned that they were covering up the deaths “to avoid vaccine hesitancy“. Dr McCann’s presentation to a crowded stadium in Sydney on 1 March 2023 is here. “And so it is my greatest hope that in 2023, doctors will turn back to our code of conduct, remembering that we each have a responsibility to behave ethically to justify the trust the community has, or perhaps had, in the medical profession.

The TGA happens to be 96% funded by the pharmaceutical industry according to a June 2022 British Medical Journal article.

The definition of fascism is the merger between government (eg TGA) and corporations (eg Pharma). This is very well described in regards to the Nazis by historian Edwin Black in the below clip from Episode 1 of Never Again is Now Global. Five corporations assisted the Nazis to implement their “final solution”.

  1. Henry Ford’s independent newspaper aggressively promoted anti-Semitic views, published in many languages and distributed via Ford Motors business networks. Hitler is quoted as claiming to have been inspired by Henry Ford.
  2. General Motors provided motorised vehicles to the Nazis, who previously had very limited motorisation. Without this technology the mass transportations which took place could not have occurred. Nor the aircraft, bomb and submarine components which GM produced. “There never would have been a Holocaust on horseback“.
  3. Carnegie Institution
  4. Rockefeller Foundation
    These two organisations promoted the eugenics philosophy which justified the Holocaust.
    Rockefeller Foundation sponsored Dr Josef Mengele.
    They proliferated the science, built the institutions, financed the fellowships“.
    Both Carnegie and Rockefeller are today deeply involved in social engineering using pandemic related issues.
  5. IBM (International Business Machines) designed the technology for, planned and created the 6 phases of the Holocaust:
    – Identification of the Jews
    – Expulsion from society
    – Confiscation of assets
    – Ghettoisation
    – Deportation to camps
    – Extermination
    Their technology ensured that people could be identified, tracked (including their tattooed numbers), matched up to labor needs, transferred between locations, etc.

Without these five corporations the size and scope of the Holocaust would never have killed six million people. Interestingly the involvement of these organisations has been removed from public record in museums, media and literature.

Knowing history helps us to avoid repeating history.

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