Do You or Someone You Know Have a C-19 “Vaccine” Injury?

Recently I met a couple at a social event who in passing mentioned, because one of them became unwell and had to explain why they were suddenly and prematurely leaving the event, that they both had a C-19 “vaccine” injury. They now experience identical symptoms. He stated emphatically to the room “This is REAL. Don’t … More Do You or Someone You Know Have a C-19 “Vaccine” Injury?

Heroes and Horribles

“Emergency is the language that you use once democracy is no longer working for you … Those who want rational debate and value freedom over the promise of safety are now labelled as threats to the public“. South Australian Senator Alex Antic’s speeches in parliament have been heroic at a time of fear and intimidation. … More Heroes and Horribles

Klaus Wants Your House

Alex Antic, MP in South Australia, spoke in parliament yesterday on the illicit aspirations of the World Economic Forum. Dr Reiner Fuellmich of the international Corona Investigative Committee, expands on the issue in this interview with Alex Jones at InfoWars. “The latest thing we found out about Klaus Schwab … and his World Economic Forum … More Klaus Wants Your House