Wall Street Skill: From Finances to Health

Edward Dowd, ex-Wall St executive, has transferred his analysis skills from financial data to health data. He describes how he became involved in the below interview. He is speaking with Ora Nadrich of Dr Naomi Wolf’s private company The Daily Clout, whose teams of 3,500 analysts, including medical fraud investigators, biostatisticians, clinicians, and other relevantly qualified professionals volunteering from across the globe, are producing reports based on the court-ordered release of all of Pfizer’s trial data.

Dowd monitors data from a range of sources including insurance companies, funeral homes and various government sources, merging them to provide information on health and death patterns which are published at Humanity Projects. “It became devastatingly obvious that something had gone off the rails … I made money for clients because I lived in the world between perception and reality. On Wall St you need to get to a situation early, identify the trend before everybody else, accumulate your financial position in stock, and then if you’re right, you make money because as people come around to perceiving this trend, going from perception to the new reality, you’re rewarded by making your clients money. This is not that dissimilar except that I’m trying to save lives. My goal is to get peoples’ perception from ‘safe and effective’ to ‘unsafe, deadly and ineffective’ … “.

Why unsafe and ineffective? Good manufacturing practices have been abandoned. This appears to be how and why.

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