Robert, Risch and Redacted

Robert F Kennedy Jr has stated publicly that he is thinking about running as a Democrat presidential candidate in 2024. He spoke to Kim Iversen about a month ago in this predictably eloquent piece (starts at 5 minutes).

To be an ethical scientist you have to disbelieve your own work. You have to bend over backwards to prove to yourself that what you think is right, is actually right. That’s above and beyond normal ethics …

At the beginning of the pandemic … I wrote a long article that was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology [about hydroxychloroquine] … the evidence for effectiveness was clear and the evidence for safety was overwhelming

When I was in first year medical school, mid-1970s, my classmates and I were already rejecting pharma gifts. Stethoscopes and freebie books, and things like that… Pharma will do anything and everything that it can within nominally legal grounds, to try and push its medications, that it thinks work, through the regulatory process and into marketplace … In today’s dollars it spends a billion dollars to develop drugs. Because most drugs that they work on, don’t work and it’s only very few that actually come to fruition. Then they spend $2 billion marketing the drug. Advertisements. Paying off doctors and journals. Then they sell $20 or $30 billion. Meanwhile they put $4 billion in escrow to cover the legal exposure that they’re going to have … and so they’re up $25 billion in the net. That’s their game plan … This is a cycle they repeat …

There’s so much ridiculous smear that’s gone on with [ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine] … I could not understand where this media idiocy was coming from … At first I thought this was just incompetent media like I’ve experienced earlier in my career, but then I realised it was systematic. Why was it systematic? There was obviously forces pushing them into this and I’ve taken to calling the media now, the state controlled media. No more mainstream media. State controlled media. The medical journals are state controlled or pharma controlled journals, in the same way. So medical evidence now, is what I call wild west…

Professor Harvey Risch, Harvard University Professor-Emeritus in Epidemiology

This is one of the best epidemiology discussions you could hope to hear, between epidemiologist Professor Risch and intensivist Dr Pierre Kory last week. Among many topics, they discuss the brazen depths of scientific misconduct that now controls public health due to a complete takeover by the pharmaceutical industry.

The latest on the World Health Organisation Convention, Accord or Other International Instrument on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness & Response (aka the “WHO CA+”) from Redacted News is an informative 20 minutes, discussing the various ways that a constant state of emergency can be maintained for the purposes of generating profits and power, and hints that cholera may be the next pandemic. Abuse of power using “safety” is a well known phenomenon, as the history of the Siracusa Principles describes.

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