Five Hundred New Vaccines

Robert F Kennedy Jr is on the campaign trail, challenging the Democrat presidency. He has not been allowed on mainstream media in years because of his “dangerous views“, but as a presidential candidate some outlets are now letting him on. They only agree to pre-recordings so that if he says anything to threaten the establishment it can be censored.

He talks about Tucker Carlson holding pharmaceutical advertisers to account, and five days later losing his Fox News slot. This level of censorship shows just how much mass opinion is owned by media moguls. “If you’re challenging the establishment, if you’re changing minds, or if you’re echoing the sentiment that many Americans are feeling, which is that we don’t have a true democracy, that’s considered very dangerous.” ~ Kim Iversen

Meanwhile the destruction of any semblance of democracy continues with the rollout of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). It is already illegal to use cash beyond a certain threshold in many western nations. This is a move towards total control by unelected bodies planning to control and track all transactions, which in turn controls our rights to move. Clayton and Natalie at Redacted discussed the issue including the history of cash and the motives for programmable currency, being sold (of course) as “for our safety“.

Part of the control grid involves compliance with new health rules. Expensive pharmaceutical products will channel profits to corporations via taxes through the private-public merger with corrupted governments tasked with convincing the populace they are being “kept safe“. World Health Organization plan to add 500 new vaccines into the production line by 2030 “to keep us safe“. Development and authorisation of new products are reducing to a mere 100 days.

Product administration will be linked to digital ID which will be linked to programmable centralised currency, for guaranteed compliance. Rules that profit the powerful and crush the rest of us will become the new normal associated with our capacity to move, keep our job, own property, and anything else once assumed as a basic human right. Those already existing in third world conditions know how this pans out.

We are witnessing it in real time: most of us know someone who has lost their job, whose freedom to travel is acutely restricted, who has been locked out of everyday activities such as club membership, restaurants etc. For refusing an experimental pharmaceutical product they were told they needed “to stay safe“.

Lockdowns were a practice run showing the globalists implementing this “new world order” how much compliance and resistance they can expect, and ways to crush opposition. Cutting off bank accounts of protestors stopped the truckers convoy in Canada, and will be a far easier enforcement once cash is no longer circulating. A Stasi system of colleagues and neighbours reporting on each other for having “dangerous opinions” or “breaking the rules” has been very effective. Ensuring people remain in fear, including the fear of daring to disagree with authorities who are “keeping us safe“, also worked efficiently. Payments attached to compliance with “health programs” helps to keep the obedient in positions of high status and comfort, whilst the disobedient face punishing consequences including social isolation and financial ruin (although they also managed to protect their health unlike many who succumbed to the violent coercion campaign).

The difference between being a “nice” person and being a “good” person has been starkly showcased, just as it was during the Nazi era, the Pol Pot era, and every other evil era through history. Leaders can only pull off despicable plans with the compliance of those they intend to control and harm. A certain proportion will never agree to comply with absurd cruelty, and they risk severe consequence. Observed by those who are unsure what to do, the consequences convince many to “follow the rules” regardless of what their conscience tells them.

Dr Tess Lawrie spoke with Maria Zeee on the role of the World Health Organization in setting these new centralised controls in place. The only way they will fail is when enough of us understand and refuse to comply, regardless of the consequences our new overlords set in motion.

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