Saying No is Not a Crime

‘Smart Cities’ planned for New Zealand. I can’t imagine why anyone would agree to this.

Dr Tess Lawrie explains here, the involvement of the World Health Organisation in this campaign. 500 new vaccines by 2030: what could possibly go wrong? Our enslavement and their control over us relies on a legal framework which is being established behind closed doors in Geneva. Only when we know what is going on, can we play a part in stopping it. It suits those planning and attempting to implement this, if you continue to believe “it’s a conspiracy theory”, so the walls can be built around us with minimal opposition because “they’re just trying to keep us safe” with the onslaught of injectable products coming our way, sold using tactics of fear about invisible threats.

Professor Richard Werner, pre-eminent banking scholar in the world, explains here, the real reason all of this is happening. It’s not for the protection of our health, but to ensure that the wealthiest remain excessively wealthy and powerful, which the current financial system can no longer sustain. A programmable central bank digital currency (CBDC) is needed, and again being touted as “for our safety”.

One thought on “Saying No is Not a Crime

  1. Thanks for these enlightening videos. Dr Tess Lawrie, is so rational, intelligent, questioning everything and positive. Due to Richard Werner’s video and his explanation of the central bank, it’s role in not protecting small businesses and the important role of community banks, I have a greater understanding of the importance of banking to population equity.

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