When You’re Not Allowed to Speak But You Do Anyway

Dr Ryan Cole is a pathologist with PhD level training in virology/immunology. In this discussion with Kim Iversen he talks basic science which he has been prevented from sharing on most platforms courtesy the pharmaceutical cartel.

He spends his life looking at blood. When the “vaccines” rolled out he began to see an increase in clotting. His colleagues were seeing it too but most refuse to speak out publicly after having seen what happened to Dr Cole.

Spike protein is highly thrombogenic and can lead to unusual micro blood clotting patterns which Dr Cole saw an increase in, somewhat with the introduction of covid infections, but significantly after the vaccines rolled out. He states that it was known early on that covid is a clotting disease, due to the effects of the spike protein. Using a vaccine program with this protein has caused clotting problems. It occurs in the presence of predisposing conditions, so does not occur to everyone, but is a very real risk being seen in data from adverse event reporting systems.

Secondary clotting caused by inflammation of blood vessels is a very concerning new pattern as far as certain viruses go. The different mechanisms of adeno-vector vaccines (Astra-Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson) mean that a burst of spike protein is seen for a short window of time, but quickly tapers off. This leads to risk of an acute auto-immune attack leading to large clots forming, and then blood haemorrhaging around the clots.

By comparison, the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) see a low-level but persistent increase in spike protein. It builds up over time because the body doesn’t break down the synthetic mRNA, which persists. There is no decent study yet to show when mammalian cells stop making spike protein, or when the synthetic mRNA is degraded.

It seems unbelievable that these products are considered useful in any way. Dr Cole has lost his multi million dollar pathology laboratory business because he speaks out on this science. There is no better example of the mafiosi tactics now controlling public health.

Dr Mark Trozzi has said that “if your doctor is not in trouble with the medical council by now, then run“, suggesting that doctors still complying with this horror are not trustworthy, and that the medical councils are acting as gangsters, which is well known now. In this video Dr Trozzi explains concerns with the latest scientific findings, that plasmids (circular parcels of DNA) used to produce mRNA vaccines, but which should be completely filtered out of the final product, have been found in vials of both Moderna and Pfizer.

Risks associated with these findings include the possibility of this mRNA-producing genetic material integrating into our own DNA, which could lead to uncontrolled production of the toxic spike protein; and exhalation of the plasmids by vaccinated individuals. This may place those around them at risk via inhalation, which may explain the phenomenon of shedding whereby unvaccinated people report experiencing effects such as respiratory symptoms and menstrual dysregulation after contact with the vaccinated.

Dr Rima Laibow gave this interview recently with Maria Zeee, on the unknown history of the public health establishment. There’s a reason that the scientific process is now considered a “conspiracy theory”. It is far from being about our safety!

Dennis Meadows, Club of Rome and World Economic Forum member, on how to “peacefully” depopulate the human race.
Nice guy….

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