Weaponisation of Health Care

Tonight alone, I heard of three deaths in one single Cambodian community. Possibly lockdown-related deaths as severe malnutrition seems to blame, but also possibly pharmaceutical injuries with reports of extremely high fevers suggesting immune dysregulation. This intolerable suffering was always avoidable, had authentic public health had a voice against the powers of the pharmaceutical cartel who intended and planned to do this to innocent people.

Dr Dan McDyer is another obstetrician-gynaecologist speaking out on the harms to female reproduction and health following the mass rollout of these poisonous injections.

Dr Peter McCullough, cardiologist and epidemiologist, spoke to Dr Naomi Wolf in this interview on the corruption in medical care and the harms it is causing to populations.

Ex-pharmaceutical executive Sasha Latypova gave this excellent presentation on the Weaponisation of Health Care recently.

One thought on “Weaponisation of Health Care

  1. Dr Dyer statistics demonstrate something recently is very wrong with woman’s health. Sasha Latypova’s lecture on results of the different batches of the COVID vaxs provers no quality control and a lottery what affects the vaxs will have on an individual’s mortality and or morbidity. Also her statement that mRNA cannot be stable is damning to all pharmaceutical companies. And I will be looking into the Wellness Company for health assistance if needed

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