A Myriad of Parallels

Vera Sharav has wisdom in spades. She suffered in spades and consequently founded the Alliance for Human Research Protection.

In this short video, a follow-up of the Never Again is Now Global series, Vera draws a myriad parallels between today and 1930s Europe. Including of course, the background of Klaus Schwab, who has become a primary mascot of the perpetrators.

As described by Dr John Coleman, ex-MI6 intelligence agent, the top of the chain is in fact a group known as the Committee of 300. Who would want you to believe this is “misinformation” and a “conspiracy theory“? They would.

One thought on “A Myriad of Parallels

  1. This video by Ms Sharav is frightening and revealing. She describes succinctly the incremental restrictions and experimentation occurring prior to Holocaust. Ms Sharav then articulates that the COVID mandates and particularly the vaccines (experimental gene therapy) break the Nuremberg Code on multiple fronts and doctors should be held accountable.

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