From Cambodia to Nova Scotia, The Same Playbook

Dr Laura Braden’s curriculum vitae includes the following:

  • BSc in Cellular and Molecular Biology (2007)
  • BSC in Neuroscience (2009)
  • Doctorate in Biology with focus in Molecular Immunology (2009-2015)
  • Post-doctoral Fellowship Pathology and Microbiology (2015-2016)
  • Post-doctoral Fellowship Immunology (2016-2017)
  • Adjunct Professor in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Pathology and Microbiology (2017-2022)
  • Senior Research Scientist and Program Lead, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (2017-2022)

She seems eminently qualified to speak on issues of biology and immunology. Which is what she did on 18 March 2023 in Truro, Nova Scotia, during Day 3 of Canada’s National Citizens’ Inquiry.

Like many millions of others, Dr Braden saw red flags from the very beginning of the pandemic. The data didn’t sit right. She considered it a professional obligation to question the “science”, “because that’s what scientists do, we never stop questioning. Until 2020.” In her 1 hour 45 minute testimony to the National Citizens Inquiry, she covered the following topics.

Although her presentation is technical, it is also largely easy to follow. She exposes corruption in medical literature, censorship of scientists, misuse of PCR testing to promote fear of a virus, and lack of quality control in the gene therapy injections being administered across the globe. She describes the production process of mRNA vaccines, and the ways they interact with the human body, which is technical but imperative for understanding the concerns relating to their consequences to human health.

These injectables are not a conventional vaccine. They are a gene therapy drug built on brand new technology that lacks the assurances from quality control to ensure that it was consistent and lacking contamination. It enters the nucleus. It doesn’t even provide immunity. And it persists in the body for months …

Every Thursday we were told by Dr Heather Morrison, Chief Public Health Officer, that our children were going to die if we didn’t vaccinate them. We were told that there was a huge risk to their health. For quite some time I, as a professional, did not speak out publicly. Because we saw what happened to you if you did.

After they started rolling out injections for the children, I decided that I had a moral obligation and a professional obligation to stand up and ask questions publicly. So in November 2021, the International Day of the Child, I attended a rally … and expressed my concerns … with respect to the silencing of early treatment. To the fact that children were not at risk …

And in December of 2021 I was terminated from my position, and effectively cancelled from my career.

Throughout history, totalitarian regimes have removed academics from society first, to ensure limited opposition from “troublemakers”. The targeting of educated individuals in Pol Pot’s regime is a well known example. Today’s mass silencing and destruction of those qualified to understand and courageous enough to speak out with precise detail, that what is happening is scientifically flawed, should disturb anyone with a basic understanding of this historic precedent. Especially given the warnings from whistleblowers such as ex-military intelligence agent Dr John Coleman. The following excerpt is taken from page 16 of his 1991 book on The Committee of 300, who operate covertly via branches including a foreign policy unit known as the Club of Rome.

Dr Braden’s presentation is below. If the science is not of interest, the first seven minutes introduce Dr Braden as a person and a scientist, and at 1h8m she describes the experience of losing her profession.

3 thoughts on “From Cambodia to Nova Scotia, The Same Playbook

  1. Hi mate

    Keep up the good work. In regards the above, I think you mean Dr John Coleman not “ex-military intelligence agent Dr John Campbell”.



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