Where Does Courage Come From?

A series of very short videos from scientists, politicians and advocates for human rights, followed by an hour long discussion at Children’s Health Defense on Smart Cities and Pandemics.

Christine Anderson on 15 Minute Cities:

On the goal of “democratic” governments involved in the globalist agenda (look to every single government who claim that “lockdown” works against an airborne virus [and climate change, and terrorism] and used military force against their citizens. It will happen again “to keep you safe“:

And on where her courage comes from:

Patents expert Dr David Martin presented at the Third International Covid Summit in the European Parliament on the history of coronavirus vaccines. Why would they want to convince the world that coronavirus is a vaccine preventable disease when it is not?

Professor Harvey Risch, epidemiologist, confirmed with the data:

Vaccinologist Dr Geert Vanden Bossche weighs in:

Vaccinologist Dr Robert Malone asks parents to consider their decisions relating to vaccines which do not work:

Bioterrorism expert Dr Meryl Nass warns about the undisclosed contents of the vials. This was confirmed in presentation form by Dr Laura Braden, in the video I shared yesterday of her testimony to the National Citizens’ Inquiry (at 48 minutes).

Nick Hudson, Chairman of Panda, offers insight into how to recognise a scam.

This longer interview on Smart Cities and Pandemics discusses the purpose of these interventions against populations being told to believe it is for our safety. Those who think it’s all a conspiracy theory should look to the poor world. Why would a single government leave their people to rot? If there is no reason for such things, then why is 95% of the human race existing in poverty and why do you think you’re immune to the threat? The poor are not poor because they are deficient. They are poor because their governments exert excessive control. For their safety.

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