When the Chips Are Down

The below is an important video for those in civilised society to watch and reflect upon. Seemingly “good” people will do the devil’s work in the blink of an eye if the devil has enough influence. These channels are all now owned by the pharmaceutical industry. For example, CNN host Anderson Cooper earns $12 million per year, $10m of which is paid by Pfizer.

All of the data shows that these ghoulish shills were absolutely incorrect. Will one of them apologise?

Cleveland Clinic study of >50,000 employees showed that risk of disease increases with each dose taken. The only way data such as this gets through the editorial process of major impact journals is if the authors use pro-pharma messaging, regardless of what their data show. Dr Pierre Kory explained exactly how it works succinctly at the European Parliament on 3 May 2023. The pharmaceutical industry now own most medical journals, and have a range of effective strategies to protect profits. “As a result, people die. Frequently and in high numbers.

Experience across the vaccinated world confirms that these products are not protecting lives and that the media are actively working to create confusion and maintain fear.

Canadian psychologist Jason Christoff explained this form of mind control in his excellent ten minute presentation to the European Parliament on 3 May 2023. Fear, isolation and confusion mixed with a dose of plain bullying are effective weapons. “Criminal charges should be laid for weaponising psychology against the public.

As a child in Tipperary, Dr Dolores Cahill learned about the harm that corporations willingly heap onto society and innocent lives when a profit can be made. She discussed her experience and knowledge with Dr Tess Lawrie here. When Merck, Sharp and Dohme moved a manufacturing facility into her rural valley, farmers began to lose livestock and animals were born with deformities. Many farmers denied it was happening and concealed it. Authorities also denied it, and “proved” their denials by testing the water and showing it was unaffected, when it was obvious that the harm was being caused by air pollution from the factory. The community became divided and the company offered scholarships to the children in families who agreed not to speak out. “More or less the psychology of what is going on now, happened then.

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