Watching the Narrative Fall Apart

The burning question is, why do corporate-connected bureaucrats continue to lie to innocent citizens about population health data showing that the product they pushed the whole population to take, at best is ineffective?

This tragedy has caused many who once unquestioningly followed the official narrative about other vaccines to start asking questions. The answers come from many credible, scientifically literate and ethical human rights advocates. Robert F Kennedy Jr is one such advocate. He wrote this long letter, replete with scientific evidence, to CNN’s Doctor Sanjay Gupta in May 2020. Gupta did not acknowledge the letter. Kennedy argues his points succinctly and the only come-backs appear to be ad hominem using propagandist language such as “anti vaxxa”, “conspiracy theorist” and “misinformation”.

Interestingly, in 2009 whilst working on the Swine Flu public health response, which we were told was a pandemic, but was never anything other than a panicdemic/profitdemic, I unquestioningly took my flu shot. Within a week or two I found myself bed-ridden with a flu-like illness for a number of days. The laboratory tested my also-vaccinated, unwell household contact for about ten different viruses which all came back negative, so it was one of the other 200+ respiratory viruses which circulate amongst us constantly.

The problem is not the presence of the virus, but the state of our immune systems. Receiving immune-suppressing pharmaceutical products is a huge concern for the future of human health , whilst building a permanent state of profits for those selling the product. It has become glaringly obvious during this crisis.

The scientists involved in evaluating the trials appear to be more than a little compromised. For example Kathryn Edwards, “the godmother of vaccines“.

Unlike RFK Jr who quotes the studies and evidence forming his perspective, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, a savvy investor, likes to use the word “science” repeatedly.

Different approaches: Dr Cole loses his laboratory business for speaking, whilst Pfizer invests.

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